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That's nice! I like puffins.
Question Author
I was there in June and there were lots and lots of them. Last time I went, we couldn`t see any.
Its ages since I was in that neck of the woods...
Question Author
It was lovely this year. I`ve never seen so many dolphins on the crossing back from Lundy, ever.
Nice to have a good-news wildlife story!
Great, I hope Lundy remains rat-free.

Do the puffins nest in old rabbit burrows or do they make their own ?
I presume that humans took the rats out there. Rats are survivors - if we took them out I am not really sure what the rats were expected to do but eat and breed.

If they have managed to de-rat the island then the Puffins should prosper. Until the rats build a boat......

I got a shock today, there was a picture in the Mirror of an otter eating a puffin ! I thought they only ate fish.

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Nice Little Story (But Not For The Rats)

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