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At The Vets

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eve1974 | 00:14 Wed 24th Feb 2021 | Animals & Nature
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So the normally greedy Labrador is very lethargic n off his food tonight. That is totally out of character.

Now at the out of hours vet who’s checking him out.

Our dogs are our pseudo children so to us it’s a no brainer when the vet said bring him down


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A Lab not eating is serious. Could he have accidentally eaten a sock or something?
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Vet said v high fever. All other signs (abdomen etc). Seem ok. So it’s antibiotics, and antipyretic ....and bring him back tomo if no better by mid afternoon for bloods / images.
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40.1 c
Let's hope the antibiotics kick in and his temperature goes down. Such a worry for you. Hope all turns out well. x
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Ty -Like many other ab’ers our dogs are like family
They are people with fur coats. I hope he gets rid of whatever it is.

Hopefully better news tomorrow.
Any news? How is he doing?
Eve's not been on here today ...
Very worrying. I too would like to know.
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Ah thank you ALL.

The labra-dog is much better!

I haven’t been on earlier today as sleep deprived. It was a long night!

He got the rigors at about 3:30 am which was very concerning but.,.. that was the turning point n he’s been steadily improving since.

He’s not 100pc yet but the improvement is vast!

THANK YOU all u furpeople lovers
Thank you eve. Fingers crossed for you both.
That's a relief. Something he ate that he shouldn't I expect.

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At The Vets

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