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Climate Change - How You Can Help

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Canary42 | 13:42 Sat 21st Aug 2021 | Animals & Nature
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Climate change can feel overwhelming - especially when we see headlines about another heat wave or experience extreme weather events ourselves. And it can feel like too big an issue for you or I to tackle. But there is hope. It’s not too late to prevent its worst effects. And we can make a difference - especially in advance of the crucial COP26 climate summit in November, which the UK is hosting.

This global summit is a critical moment for our planet. World leaders will meet in Glasgow to decide how countries can work together to stop the earth’s atmosphere heating up too much. And how more developed countries like the UK - who are historically far more responsible for global warming - can help poorer nations tackle the impact of climate change, and transition to a green future.

As the host nation we have an incredible opportunity to make it a success. But only if Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak seriously step up their game over the next two months to ensure global leaders commit to doing what needs to be done.

The problem? Right now they’re missing in action. Boris Johnson isn’t showing the international leadership that’s needed, and Chancellor Rishi Sunak doesn’t want to invest in a green future. It’s a recipe for failure - and we simply cannot allow it to happen.

So here's a campaign to ensure Boris Johnson and the Cons don’t let this critical moment for our planet slip away. I've signed up to be a part of it, are you in?


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There's nothing in there to see. It's just the stuff you copied and pasted. What are you signing up to.
You could stop buying cheap junk thats made in china.
But if you really think you can make a difference to what happens in China & india& usa & Russia for example goodluck
Holding a virtual conference via zoom etc would of been a good start
What would happen to all the high class hookers, bobbin?
Hope you dont have any plastics in your house,Canary.Hope you dont use any products involving cobalt.I bet you do.No hypocrit like an old hypocrit,Canary.
When you begin to examine climate change it can just be overwhelming. However, we can all play our part - however small. Imperial college has set out 9 things we can all do - or some if we really can't do them all.

1. Make your voice heard by those in power
2. Eat less meat and dairy
3. Cut back on flying
4. Reduce your energy use (and bills)
5. Leave the car at home
6. Respect and protect green spaces
7. Cut consumption and waste
8. Talk about the subject to friends/family
9. Invest in "ethical" banks, firms etc.

As Mother Theresa said (about charity) - you can't help everyone, so just help one person. Maybe just pick out one of the above and go for it.
Tried no.1,Maggie.Sturgeon still isnt listening.
Good list maggiebee although am sure many would say there allready doing half of those things. But at best they'll reduce uk carbon footprint by about 1 or 2%
Agree Bobbinwales, but we've got to start somewhere and who knows what can be achieved if we all do a little bit.
The eleven answers, with mine twelve, says it all really, it seems not to many are interested, just hide behind the sofa and it might go away. :0)
I've always believed this although I'm sure people think I'm crazy, but stop sending things into outer space that interfere with the atmosphere.
Did we have this problem before we started sending rockets into space?
Not crazy Barsel there's is tons of scrap up there flouting about, in fact I was watching a program a few weeks back were they have now got to come up with something to try and collect some of that crap. Don't ask for any detail as it was very complicated in the way they aim/try to do it, but to even make the effort to collect it they must be concerned?
teacake, thanks for telling me you don't think I'm crazy.
I fear many would.
No problem, we have gone to far interfering with nature, we can't look after this planet never mind another, but it appears they have already polluted it with junk. And lets face it the only reason they are there for is to be able to have the upper hand should another world war break out.

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Climate Change - How You Can Help

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