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Cleo Has Gone To London

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pastafreak | 18:43 Mon 30th Aug 2021 | Animals & Nature
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:-(...she is off to try her paws as a mouser for my daughter and her partner. She may be back...or maybe not.
Meanwhile, this might allow to Toby to relax knowing he's not going to be pounced on by her every time he tries to eat. She did it in full view of us the past 2 evenings...she's a little bully.
Still...I'm feeling rather sad sending her away.


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At least you know she is going to a good home and will be loved and looked after.

I know it's not easy but you have clearly done what is best for the animals and not yourself, which demonstrates that you are not selfish when it comes to them.

Please let us know how she gets on.
Question Author
Thanks Lcg.
The emptiness when visitors go is bad rnough. But saying goodbye to my furry little sleeping companion is hard. I just hope this helps Toby and his confidence.
never easy - but how is Toby this evening......will he venture onto your lap/bed/etc.....they soon adapt.
Question Author
I think this might be a bit like starting from square one...or two.
At least he'll be able to move freely without being jumped on. I was told he may never be a lap cat...I just want him to feel safe.
Ooooh, sounds familiar. I had a wee bully called Amber who pounced on Cheeky at every opportunity. However, when Amber crossed the rainbow bridge, Cheeky searched for her for days. Hope Cleo settles in well and does the job - you will miss her though.
Question Author
I had late night messages from my daughter...Cleo started exploring, took strokes, ate food and was rubbing herself on every sounds like she will settle in fine.
Never easy to let go of our pets but it's comforting to know she is in safe hands and getting used to her new surroundings :o)
Hope it works out. One of mine is still not a lap cat but does sleep on the bed. Maybe clean around Cleo's places so her smell is gone. Give Toby a week or two
I have been to london to see the Queen
due back any time soon or will stay
Question Author
Toby is behaving as his normal self this morning...and daughter just messaged me. Cleo curled up with them in bed last night.
Question Author
An update...I've received lots of photos of her keeping knees warm, and assisting with working from home. She also shares her bed with the I'll take that as settling in nicely.
:-)) That's lovely to hear, Pasta.
Question Author
And Toby sleeps *near* me when I'm in the lounge. If I go upstairs or out, he's under the stairs. It took him a few days to relax.
I'm not surprised.

Both of them need to be 'only' cats.

I think it may take some time for Toby to fully relax.
Question Author
So do I...but he's teaching me patience ;)
Toby will soon be on your bed, maybe by Christmas!
Question Author
We shall see!

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Cleo Has Gone To London

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