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Has My Dog Stopped Loving Me?

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ladybirder | 09:40 Wed 23rd Mar 2022 | Animals & Nature
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I'm only kidding, I think!

Since the first night I brought him home from a Rescue 18 months ago he has been in my bed every night before me the minute I get up and switch the lights off. Until Monday night when he stayed where he was and didn't come to bed until 6am. Last night, Tuesday, he didn't come to bed at all.

Can anybody think of a reason why he would suddenly do this? Thanks.


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He is feeling much more secure and has become less 'needy' or your bedroom and bed is too warm for him now
What did you have for dinner?
have you started snoring?
Question Author
I'll have to ask him ael. I put up with his snoring so ...

Douglas your first answer could be right. He does usually start off lying on top of the covers and then snuggles under a bit later and starts licking my arms and legs. Sorry too much info;-) The weather has got warmer here so I'll bear your answer in mind, thank you.
I'm glad you said this, lb, my cocker the last 3 nights has been getting off the bed and lying on the floor- first time ever... quite insulting lol. I think he just still has his winter coat and is getting a bit warm now.
Question Author
That makes sense Pixie. Except that mine stays in his warm fleece-lined bed on the sofa in the living room which is a lot warmer than my bedroom as I never have heat on in there.
Me neither... but I think body heat warms it up quickly. Let me know how you get on... if he seems well, hopefully all fine.
Is he maybe struggling to jump up on to the bed lb ?
You know your dog doesn't love you when you have to tie a bone around your dog in order for him to play with you.
Tie a bone around your neck, not your dog. If you tied a bone around your dog, that would be animal cruelty:-/
No it wouldn't Ken.
Your pooch would just play with itself;-)
Question Author
Definitely not BS. He can jump the height of my bed twice over when next door's cat is on the shed roof;-)))
Thanks for the suggestion though as my little chap before this one stopped jumping on the bed after he missed a few times. He then slept under it but right underneath where my pillow was. It's a hard life loving our dogs that all die on us eventually.

Pixie is your floor by the bed tiled or even have lino? Mine has carpet so would still be warm. I do keep my eye on him as he's a fussy eater and hasn't eaten for 24 hours which isn't unusual for him. He's out on the Downs at the moment with our dog walker so I'll see what she says about him when they return.

Thanks also Ken and 1ozzy, I think;-))
Oh that's good lb. I had a chuckle about how high he can jump when he sees the cat !
Question Author
I have a chuckle too BS. The cat knows that J can't reach her so sits comfortably on the top of the shed watching him.
it is too hot not he is on heat
Question Author
Just a quickie to let you know I think he does love me after all!
When I switched the lights out last night and made for the bedroom via the bathroom he was right behind me. In bed before I was.
All's well that ends well;-)
I agree with Barry. Your dog is feeling much more secure with you and doesn’t need reassurance such as being with you all night. Sounds like you have done a good job there!
Awww... just testing you :-)
He just likes a night on the tiles occasionally ;-)
Question Author
Very funny Canary.

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Has My Dog Stopped Loving Me?

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