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Cats Are Strange Creatures

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calmck | 17:11 Wed 23rd Mar 2022 | Animals & Nature
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The other day I was in the house when I thought I heard one of the grandkids using the toilet but when I called there was no answer but there was a wee in the toilet. Today Grandaughter caught the cat sitting on the toilet doing a wee. She, the cat, has never been taught this. Now just need to get her to flush


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>>> Now just need to get her to flush

It can be done!
Question Author
Ours has a button on the top. No handle
There's no reason why that should defeat a cat, Calmck ;-)
Keep the loo roll out of reach, I was informed that shredding it was fun!
I know cats are rumoured to be loo paper shredders but mine have never done this.

I’d rather deal with a litter tray than a poo in the loo, unless of course they could be trained to flush.
My cats have fully unwound toilet rolls before now but some of these really know how to go about shredding them ;-)
Any of our canine friends using the loo Chris?
Of course there are, LB ;-)
They're very knowing..
Cats never fail to make me laugh with their antics!.. :-))
Oh bless him Chris, I thought he was so big he'd miss. Clever boy:-). Thank you.

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Cats Are Strange Creatures

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