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pastafreak | 18:42 Tue 19th Sep 2023 | Animals & Nature
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I'm looking for a pate type food for Toby. He'll happily eat Gourmet Gold pate...but that's about the only one I can rely on. His other favourite bybtge same maker was discontinued. 

I've tried Sheba, Lidl tiny tins, Aldi, some random brands I've come across...most gets rejected. 

I've seen a few European brands on Amazon and zooplus...but I want to know what your cats eat.



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Marks and Sparks used to meet cat food that was acceptable to the twins.

Many years ago, our cat ate boiled herring.

Many years ago when I owned a cat, the only thing he would eat was Whiskers (any flavour) - he would look up in disgust if anything else was placed in his bowl.

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When I first got Toby as a bedraggled and frightened former street cat, he ate everything put in front of him.

Of course, now that he knows I give him food and I'm always here, he has become choosy. Both whiskas and Felix went out of favour almost 2 years ago...many reviews said the recipes had changed. I've tried both since then...half a pouch might get eaten.

Fresh...he might eat a few morsels of is rejected.

I keep threatening him with introducing competition for the food   🐱🐱🦁

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Wolf, I'm only have a small M and S...I've only seen name brand food there. 

Have you tried Lily's Kitchen? Patè, 19 tubs of 85 gms. for £21.50.

Two cats . Will only eat asda tuna. 59p

My lot's favourite food is probably freshly-cooked chicken from Morrison's rotisserie!

However they get Felix As Good As It Looks 7+ pouches during the day, topped up with Sheba Select Slices in the evenings. 

They also always have Go-Cat Crunchy and Tender Senior dried food available to them, along with Iams Senior dried food.

Chequers much prefers the moist food, whereas Moonbeam generally prefers the dried stuff.  (Tablo can't make her mind up!).

If I particularly want to tempt them with something which I know that they'll all like though (e.g. when I want to hide flea tablets in their food), I've found that Gourmet Gold Chunks in Gravy with Chicken & Liver is the one to go for.


Question Author

Patsy...with his appetite it would cost £15 per week. And, I tried some individual tins a year or so ago and noses were turned up. The same with scrumbles (sp?). He rather likes Gourmet Revelations...but it's too pricey for every day.

Chris...unfortunately he won't eat any of the other gourmet gold varieties. 

I may have to try Felix 'as good as it looks' again.

Most of mine eat Felix As Good As It Looks. A couple will also eat Gourmet. They hate Whiskas and all Portugeuse supermarket brands

Try dry cat food. Purina 1 goes down a storm with some cats.

It's a lot of money,  Pasta. My 14.1/2 year old cat likes Sheba, fish or meat in jelly, 50 mg. He has to be on a urine diet, dry food too, as he had struvite stones in his bladder when younger. Very serious. A small bag costs me nearly £24. I was reading that cats like minced beef. Boil it up and simmer for about 40 mins. If your cat likes it, a cheap meal! 

My cat is just as fussy. I've tried so many brands and types. She only licks up the jelly or gravy of whatever wet food I give her and leaves the chunks, which I later put out for the birds and foxes. 

We use Purina dried food as well so she doesn't starve. 

If you try him on dry food, make sure he has access to water.


It is best if the water is away from the food. Cats aren't like us. They don't consider food and drink to be closely linked.

Question Author

Hopkirk...he does eat the Purina dry, also whiskas.(the kitten food for some reason is a particular favourite). But I'd never feed any cat primarily dry...not good for kidneys. any thing just for him is a guarantee that he won't eat it...though he likes bits of my burger or roast chicken when I have them. Only bits...🤔🙄

Cloverjo...Toby is the same with the gravy and jelly. Those meat bits do look nasty though. Like coloured cardboard when they dry up 😝

It's a shsme I can't send him out to hunt (just mice)

That's interesting, Hopkirk.
My cat has food and water bowls in the same area, and also water in another room. She drinks from the other room far more. 

Good to know 

My cat loves cooked roast chicken, which we had tonight. I think most cats like their chicken! Can't you just continue with the Gourmet Gold patè?

Question Author

Oh, most definitely yes Patsy 

I just get that niggling feeling that being a cat, he will one day say no.

Hopkirk/Cloverjo...yes, I read a while back that cats don't like to have water and food next to each other. At that time I was finding jugs I used for watering plants knocked over. But his water bowl was untouched.

So now there is a bowl for him on the landing and another on a table.

I have heard a reason suggested why cats don't like to drink water near their food.

When eating a kill in the wild the water nearby could be contaminated by fluid from the carcass.

I have no idea if this is true.

I've heard the same explanation as Hopkirk.

Also heard that cats are fussy about their food to ensure they get all the nutrients they need.  In the wild that would be fine.

But each meal that we give them is nutritionally balanced so they can't use that excuse.

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