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Bollinger Update

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Redhelen72 | 14:27 Thu 09th Nov 2023 | Animals & Nature
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She is back at the vets for tests and hydration - the tests are dependant on how docile she is as the vet is adament that he does not want to sedate her because of her age.



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Fingers crossed!  The vet nurses are normally very good indeed at getting even the most hissy, spitty, argumentative feline to comply nicely without sedation.  

Fingers crossed for dear Bollinger. 

My fingers are crossed as well.  Get well soon Bolly xxx

Question Author

We are very lucky she is actually very compliant - they managed to do her dressing several years ago without sedation because she was very good

Awww, poor Bollinger - I wish her well x

I must have missed this, I didn't know that Bollinger was unwell.  I hope that she is a better patient than Merlin was.  She put the fear of god into a few vets.

I hope that she feels better soon.

Question Author

Well I have my girl back.

She had to have a drip for 3 hours, bloods taken and 2 enemas all without sedation.

she finally had a bowel movement when we got her home!!

she does have to go back tomorrow for a catheter removal but what a difference.

on the positive side her bloods all came back really healthy for a cat her age!

vet says there is *** all wrong with her other than constipation!

I am in shock though over the bill

Phew! So relived for Bollinger, as I'm sure she is too.

Such good news xx

Question Author

Thanks ladies 

Great news, is she old? More brown rice for you miss .

Excellent news. I am so pleased for you all.

Miss Emily waa positively dying last night. She managed to lift her poorly head for cheese. Mr BM says she is a drama queen. I think I might agree given she behaved like a lunatic all day today!!

BM, what's wrong with Miss Emily?

RH, I bet she feels better after her visit to the ladies room.

Question Author

Annea, she is 17 so positively geriatric.

My lovely little Maggie lived for just over 20 years so a way to go yet for Bolly, as long as she's happy in herself of course.

I paid £2k to get my little dog sorted so I can imagine your shock RH.  

Question Author

I must admit I sobbed when I got the bill

Wolf, I think she is OK now.  We do not really know what was wrong with her, but she couldn't walk properly at the beginning of the week and was v lethargic.  Vet seems to think she may have had a fight and a big shock.  Mr BM and I recalled that when she was spayed and had to wear a onesie she had a fit of the vapours and "couldn't walk" for a week.  It's clearly her way of ensuring that her slave KNOWS she is a little depressed.  Metacam, cheese and a few days house rest seems to have fixed the problem though.

BM, sounds like a drama queen.

Red, I hope that Bolly is doing well.  She is a good age but she isn't ancient.  

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Bollinger Update

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