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Cat Flap

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lindylou16 | 13:05 Sun 31st Dec 2023 | Animals & Nature
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Any tips on how to teach a cat to use a cat flap



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Push his head through a few times.  

Put some of his favourite food outside the catflap. push flap ,open slightly ,let  him sniff the food and then close flap. If he's hungry then hopefully he will go through the flap  to get the food.

Tuna and tape!!

tape open the cat flap and pop some tuna on one side (just enough for a bite so she looks for more) repeat a couple of times.

next step is to lower the flap but not all the way and do as before a few times until sh is comfortable.

finally flap totally closed and do as above make sure she is aware there is food there maybe tap the dish.

best done when she is hungry 

Ha! My kitten just barged her way out unexpectedly one day, completely no respect for the PowerPoint presentation I'd made for her!

From the Cats Protection charity:

You dont teach cats. They do it when it suits them.   Some never get it!

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Cat Flap

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