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That's just breathtakingly beautiful. 
13:43 Fri 29th Dec 2023
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Bump.  x

Its is pretty



LB, did you see my thread in News about banning the transport of live animals?  Something I'm sure will please you ... as it did me.

It's lovely!  The Sussex  coast reminds me of my childhood and very happy days when our whole extended  family were based in Surrey, Sussex and  South London.  

That's just breathtakingly beautiful. 

Is that what they describe as a Mackerel Sky ?

That's quite a low cloud, whatever it's called. Brilliant photo.

Question Author

I think you are right Retro.  That's exactly what it is.

// Mackerel sky' refers to a state of sky with extensive clouds that look like fish scales in a bright day. These clouds are small and white, and usually line themselves up in groups in a regular pattern. They resemble the small ripples created by a gentle breeze on water surface. \\

I'll nip over there now N thanks.

In my days afore the mast we were taught a Mackerel sky was a harbinger of snow to come.

Question Author

No snow forecast Retro I'm sorry to say.  Love a bit of the white stuff.

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