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Should I?

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Redhelen72 | 09:18 Sat 17th Feb 2024 | Animals & Nature
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We have been offered a labrador puppy for free (my friends had an accidental litter).

I would really love one and I am of course aware that it won't be easy - Colin and Jess took 1 day to toilet train because they were 8 months old!

I have a lot on at the moment but I am also having disturbes sleep because of a geriatric cat - so it makes sense to me to get a puppy now instead of in a year when the cat is gone and I am back to sleeping full nights!

Am I mad? I work full time - I study on top of that and my MIL has been diagnosed with dementia which will also mean more work.

Opinions please



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Smowball.  She's a spy so she can't say!!   She'll  be here in a minute to tell me off giving her away. 
11:39 Sat 17th Feb 2024


If you are asking you probably already know the answer....  Personally, based on a couple  of friends who had labs I wouldn't although they are adorable  but you are an experienced  dog owner, and know the time needed for training etc.    Are you ready to have your home chewed to bits?   One friends lab pup took the back out of a sofa, tried to bury a sun lounger, and dug round the fence posts so the fence fell over....  And ate socks..... 

Would the dog be home alone all day?

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Lol rowan - all part of the joy of a lab - I was going to get one next year so it would just be bringing forward the joy

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No Barry

If you need permission, it's ok to be a little crazy.

Just as long as you know what you're taking on.

In which case make sure you have hidden cameras and video it.    You can raise money showing  its antics on you tube.  Help pay for the damage....

Does your husband want it?

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My husband wants a happy life!!!

Are you saying you throw a strop if you don't get your own way?  Surely he has an opinion about the dog.

Will he be e the one at home with it all day, have to exercise it whilst you work your long hours?

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No I work from home so can exercise it.

I do all the feeds etc at the moment and pay for a dog walker a couple of times a week for my current dogs to keep them socialised.

I also pay for the kennels the 2 times a year they go into them - we take them with us on our other holidays - its just when we visit MIL we don't take them.

I've checked with experts and there's no need for the cameras to be hidden.

Barry, why would you make such an unpleasant assumption?  I think Red and hubby are  both animal lovers,  and also a very close couple.  A bit like Mr L and me  Its our animals that make our life. 

If there is room in your home and hearts for another then go ahead Red. You love labs. I know how much you  both  love your animals and you're still a youngster.  If you were going to do it anyway in a year or so, there is  no problem.  

You're an experienced dog lover, you expect chewing!

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thank you lottie, I was beginning to think I had read Barry's response wrong as I felt it was a bit 'harsh'

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lol thanks Douglas best brush up on my tiktok etiquette

Helen, you may or may not know that we had to have our beloved staffie put to sleep two weeks ago.

Consequently, we have applied to to Canine Partners charity to become puppy parents. We have jumped over the first two hurdles and are now waiting for a home check. 

Having a puppy is hard work but I can't wait for a little labrador bundle to arrive.

Go for it if you have the time, patience and stamina. I'm sure you do. 

To be honest I can see why Barry answered as he did.  Your comment could have been flippant.  And Barry is a nice person.  It  could well be a misunderstanding all round.

It's very easy to get the wrong impression.

Mike Yarwood made a career out of it though.

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Oh Tilly - I think I did miss that - please accept my apologies and my thoughts and wishes.

I am glad to hear that you are considering becoming fur parents again.

The biggest issue we have is that unfortuntely in the next 30 days I am away with work for 10 of them and we are back at MIL for another 5 - as the puppy is only 8 weeks it cannot go into kennels etc so I will see if my friend can hold on for another 30 days.

If not the decision is made for me.

Lottie - perhaps you are right.

If she's a friend, she will hold on to it for you.

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