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What Is There To Actually Do In Manchester?

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outgoinginside | 20:24 Thu 11th Apr 2024 | Animals & Nature
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I notice when I go on websites like T'Advisor the activities are mostly museums, golf courses or places to visit (canals, tours, castles...).

Does anyone know a good website which has actual activities (preferably outdoor)?

Stuff like paintballing, horse riding, gocarting, climbing, sailing, archery?



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Avoid being mugged.

Just type 'paintballing (or whatever you want), Manchester'.

You'll find quite a few.

Archery, sailing, golf, axe throwing are just 4 of the many suggested here.;bounds=false&view=grid&sort=qualityScore

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In "Animals and Nature", plus a bit of advertising by an answer removed  ???

^ Thanks mod. I think you were probably expecting something like that

I think we all were nma.

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Thanks people (got answers quicker than I expected). Adventure Now looks good. VisitManchester is OK, but still gives a lot of places to visit rather than things to do.

@captain2 Yeah you have a point, but it's nice to browse too, don't you think?

Put in Animals and Nature because I couldn't find anything relating to activities or lifestyle and I want activities outdoors. Chattybank seemed to be less serious posts?

If the question can be moved to a more appropriate place, I'm happy for it to be dropped there.

best thing to do in manchester, is find the road out

tommy39 Let me know the next time you're in Manchester and I'll show you the road out, with a kick up your backside.


outgoinginside. What is wrong with the links that TheWinner and Canary put on? Loads of things to do.

A few years ago I decided I would embark (in my retirement) upon long-weekend city breaks around UK.

I had covered Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, Norwich, Hull (in their Culture Year), Leicester and York before first Covid then my TIA intervened, the latter and increasing age/infirmity more or less bringing my crusades to a permanent halt.

I found all these cities fascinating in their different ways (admittedly I was not after activity breaks) and thoroughly enjoyed each visit. So I can't understand the rude remarks aimed at Manchester - OK there are some grotty bits (as in most cities), but it has a fine tram system which is easy to use, the people are friendly IME, and there are many interesting sites to see.  So, from me, well done Manchester, you're a fine city.



Thank you Canary although I do love my home town, it has changed such a lot since I was a girl.

If I were to go into the town centre, I wouldn't recognise it with all the new places shooting up.

I've seen photos of Man chester at night and it looks more like Man hatten.

Chill Factor E is an indoor ski slope.

Well, being a true Manc, born in Ancoats, I can say the city has really changed a great deal since the 60's. Piccadilly Gardens used to be our playground, as it was the only space with any grass for miles around. Golf is sure to get a mention as there are probably 50 courses within a 10 mile radius of the city. The shopping is good and there are plenty of decent bars, cafes and restaurants. Entertainment is also good with plenty of concert venues and cinemas. Anita Street, in Ancoats, is reckoned to be one of the most photographed streets in Britain, as the backdrop of Victoria Flats is used in many ads and period productions. I used to play there when we lived nearby. It aint all bad folks!

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I am grateful for people sending links and ideas. Adventure Now looks interesting, but just one venue. I don't like V'Manchester, it is full of the same activities mentioned in my original post and, while there may be some gems on there, it is a big job to find them.

@captain2 made a fair point about using the search engine, but that is for those who know what they are looking for.

Just wanted to browse for inspiration.

I think the answer I was looking for (a website/resource focused on "Outdoor Activities" rather than "Things to See/Visit") isn't there.

I think I will take captain2's advice and have a more general look around for my inspiration.

Thank you all.

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@jazzyjen Thank you. Tried to go to the Chill Factor E website, seems to have issues?

The Chill Factor is hardly Manchester. It's a good way from the city centre. And The Trafford Centre can be a pain to get to most of the time due to heavy traffic on the M60 and the narrow streets in the area. 

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