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Unusual Bird Sound - I Think

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joko | 15:58 Mon 22nd Apr 2024 | Animals & Nature
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I was driving late one night about 2am & i saw a bird in the road, but i didnt know it was a bird until it suddenly flew away as it was a dark colour, it was night, & theres no street lamps on that road.
it was quite large & as i passed i heard a loud 'clacking' sound.

- like if you got 2 pebbles and banged them together  fast & loud, about 5 times
Its wasnt in anyway a cheep, chirrup, tweet or hoot.

its not a woodpecker

I dont think ive ever heard it, but it made me think of sounds in tropical rain forest type noises, so just curious what it could be?
i wondered if someone had lost a pet bird?

any ideas?

thanks :)




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Was it  Nightjar?

A stonechat makes a sound like marbles clacking together but they are small birds.

What sort of shape was it?  Streamlined like a bird of prey or plumply rounded like a game bird?

We've got some kookaburras living here in Suffolk:

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thanks all, i checked all mentioned & i dont think it was any of them :(
It was a dark colour probably all brown, it wasnt a heron.

I am assuming it was this bird, but it may have been a different one.

could it have been another animal?
I was driving past an ordinary park with lots of trees etc
thanks :)


This bird crapped on my car once....not talking her out again.

It was probably a Pheasant. The females are all brown and like to cross the road playing chicken.  

I'd go for a pheasant, like Togo.  They are all over the roads here at the moment and we've nearly removed the tail-feathers  of a couple of females once or twice as they are much the same  colour as that of the muddy road.  The noise they make is also hard and sharp.

I'm with Togo on this one, it's probably a female pheasant. 

Click the 'Alarm call' tab here to play what you might have heard:

Probably trying to escape from the pheasant plucker.

If not a pheasant a partridge maybe. 

Can I ask about the environment? Farmland? Parkland? Suburbs? Mountainous? Wetlands? 

Crow? not a raven, but american crows can get pretty big and their caw is grating...

My first thoughts were a nightjar also, then I thought maybe a night heron, but I could be clutching at straws.

Maybe some domestic escapee like a peafowl etc ?

Possibly a stonechat, but it seems unlikely

//If not a pheasant a partridge maybe//

I'd guess not, doesn't a partridge live in a pear tree?

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Unusual Bird Sound - I Think

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