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Best Flea Treatment

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pastafreak | 12:33 Sat 18th May 2024 | Animals & Nature
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My daughter's indoor cat has very resistant fleas. She's treated the flat with Indorex, and used Frontline(yes, I know its rubbish).

What is the current best treatment...either from vet or online?



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Advantage for cats.  I used to use Advocate because it contained a working treatment as well but I don't know whether an indoor cat would need that.

I meant 'worming' treatment.

I have used Bravecto for at least 5 years and find it to be most effective. I know that some people on here don't like it but none of my 7 cats and 4 dogs have ever had any problems

I have always used Advocate for years as prescribed by my vet and none of my cas have had fleas. Last time I went to the vets they wanted me to try something newer, maybe it was Bravecto. I didn't really listen to the name. Vet was irritated that I insisted on a precription for Advocate.

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Advantage is what I used back when I had a dog...and the indoor cat got fleas from her.

I've just recommended it to daughter.

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I guess it's often best to stick with what you long as its working.

Daughter is going to order Advantage...then to vet if that doesn't work. She thinks fleas were originally brought in by a cat sitter...2 years ago!

Excuse me, pasta. I did answer your request for a pointer on the King's portrait x

My gran used to use vinegar, just spray it on but not around the face. Fleas can't stand vinegar. 

I've said this so many times on here but I'll say it again as nobody else has.  You need to treat every single area the animal goes, dog or cat.  Not just where it lies in a room, the whole room, all the furniture, carpets, curtains, especially floors and floorboards.  It only needs for a couple of eggs to drop off your animal onto any surface and they will hatch.


I treat mine with Credelio (vet prescribed).  We live in an area where there are LOTS of deer, fields and long grass and thus ticks are an issue as well as fleas.  This stuff seems effective though.  Not seen a tick or a flea.

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Oh...thanks for that, Choux. 👍 will look x

Ladybirder...I recommended Indorex to them a few months ago as it always worked for me. It was used but I don't know if thoroughly enough. They have all hard floors so at no carpet to hide in. 

Barmaid, thanks I'll make a note of that. I think they've only got London foxes 😁 

I've tried lots of different treatments, including those from vets and pharmacies, but I've found that these (relatively) cheap tablets from supermarkets (crushed and hidden in my cats' food) seem to work surprisingly well:


Did you see my post about spraying on vinegar. 

Fleas hate vinegar so would not go on the pet. 

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First the cat's got to eat it! Your cats are better than most chris!

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Best Flea Treatment

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