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dog ear troubles

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redheadgirl | 15:01 Mon 12th Jun 2006 | Animals & Nature
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Hi all,

my dog (english springer spaniel) has presented herself with some ear troubles in the last few days, one of her ears seems to be weeping a browny goo. could this just be a wax build up, or is it definatley going to be some kind of infection. i have had a look and there doesnt seem to be anything lodged inside.

any help or advise greatly appreciated.




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I would pop to the vet with her, it probably is an infection and he will give her some anti-biotic ear drops. Lots of dogs with long floppy ears get these infections. Hope she's OK soon.

I had a Belgian Shepherd who had really bad ears. Tried lots of things from the vets, nothing seemed to work. The vet was even considering operating on her ears, which I was not keen on. Finally a friend (who's family had run boarding kennels) saw her one day and suggested I try Earex drops from the chemist (it is for humans). Tried them and they worked wonders. Kept her away from the vets for the remainder of her life anyhow, and worked out much cheaper. (Under a fiver a bottle!).

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dog ear troubles

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