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Pet names

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Champagne | 15:17 Mon 12th Jun 2006 | Animals & Nature
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Do you have 'pet names' for your pet?

The reason I ask is because I have a brindle boxer by the name of Solly, but more often than not I refer to him as one of the following:-

- Sol
- Stinky
- Schnookumdooks
- Doglet
- Mutley

All of which he responds to (because of the tone of my voice). Do you always call your pet by its official name?



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I have a 6month old black lab called Izzy. I call her Izz, Izzy Wizzy, Minx, Missy or Little Miss!

I have 2 cats (brother and sister) Del-Boy and Widget.

Del-Boy is often called: Smell-Boy, Smelly, Smelly-Delly, all I can remember for now.

Widget is usually just Widgy woo woo or Madam.

I have a Weim Called Jackson, but he's better known as ****** lugs cause of his floppy ears, also munchkin, bubbly, bubby or mutley.

But I also have 3 Ferrets that answer to

Marble - baby girl

Holly - monster

Sable - stinky, she's the only one of the three that expels her anal glands at the dog!

Question Author
Oh, and the other one is 'slobberchops'. :o)

My retreiver is officially Amy, also known as



Lamb chop

The furry one

or Soggy Doggy when she's been in the river.

I have a dog called Max, but he answers to Maxie Paxum Maxipax, and even glutious maximus!!

5 horses called (and this is just their stable names)

Perry - Pez, Parkums P, the flying P, and at shows " you little sod"


Opppps pressed wrong button.

Tsache - TT, Teets, Old Macaroo and at shows " you little sod"

Blackjack - BJ, Jack the black, Big B and at shows " you little sod"

Junior - Thomas, Boonie, Thomas the tank and at shows "stand still you little sod"

Redillow, Red, Dill, Silly Dilly, Willow, and at shows " help, save me from this little sod"

we have a brindle boxer called bonnie .....we call her the B covers a multitude of sins

ans a chocolate lab called fudge.... we call her wudgy ....god knows why

My dog's called Kizzy, but we call her Kizzybeans, Beano or Beanobum.

Friend of my husband's, a vicar's son, used to call their cat Trex. Said it was far less offensive to shout 'cooking fat' when it woke him up in the mornings.
My GS cross is called Shane but answers to things like Shaneywaney ..Schnookles , Mummys Bear and Cheese Fiend !!
Oh the shame ....!
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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called

Poppy...Poppser, Pippy, Asbo pup, Small Goggie and Skanky.

British Short Hair Cat called

Charlie...Chick, Chickles, Fiendish, That Cat, Cfer.

Badlass :)

I have a 13 month old cat. His name is Bailey, we have a number of names for him:-

* Baileyboblets

* Snooks

* Bails

*Buscjee (not sure how to spell it)

and also a few others but I can't remember them at the minute!!!

I have a 4 year old cat called "Millie" we have called her Mill Moo's, Mill,s, Baby Girl, Millie Mollie Mandy and Likkie Girlie!......

Megan Dog, is called Smeggie, Smeggie Weggy, or Moo!!!!! Benji Dog is called Mr Podge or Yorkshire Pudding. Alice Cat is Lissy Loo and Molly Cat is called Mole!!!

Cav spaniel called Charlie - aka Spud because he's a couch potato.

Our cat Charly is commonly called 'Pudding' or 'Pud'.

I collectively call my two Budgies Brian and Daisy 'Munch Bunch'.

My friend calls her dog Bessie 'Spud'.

Our cats:

Trumpton - 'Action cat' (doesn't like moving too much).

' fat boy' (with reference to his belly)

'brave boy' (runs a mile from confrontation)

Jess- 'Poopsie' (very unfortunate toileting habits when first acquired)

Campbell - 'Killer paws' (the only one of the three who hunts)

And every name under the sun last night when she'd been missing for over twenty-four hours last night and was eventually found in someone else's house under the floorboards. She's now one very dirty cat being threatened with a shower!

My very fluffy, many toed cat Sam is called all sorts of things including :

fluffy toes; furry boy; pud; sammy; samuel; samiad; stoner (when he's been on the catnip!); terrance(?); lloyd(??) and most often Pootle!

*Hangs head in shame*

my cat is murphy aka the smurf, murphysmurph, pieface, pumfles or most common in the middle of the night arrrgghhhhgerroffmeeyouuevilcowbag. surprisingly she responds to the lot - only when she wants to of course

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