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Steb | 18:16 Fri 03rd Dec 2004 | Animals & Nature
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I want a dog, but I'm away from the flat (ground floor) every working day 8-6.  Would it be cruel? Somebody said RSPCA and Dogs Trust advise against it.


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I think it is cruel - a dog needs company for at least part of the day and if left alone for long periods, is very likely to become destructive, chewing everything in sight, purely through boredom.

What if it needs the toilet?  Would you scold it for 'messing' in the house?

     I also advise against it. If you get a puppy, you will not be able to train it. If you get an older dog, it wil be very lonely.

     My wife is home with our dogs most of the day. She goes to work two hours before I get home, so the dogs are not usually alone very long.

have gold fish or a hampster. Dogs are pack animals and need company, sorry.
but just about OK if you could get someone to take it out 3/4 times a day, both for company and exercise.

better off with a cat
Some good answers, though i'd have to say that "cruel" is possibly a bit harsh, and very much dependent on the actual dog, and the circumstances itself........some dogs really love company to the extent of being impossible without it, therefore finding ways to pass the time, such as chewing, raiding the worksurfaces or consuming the occasional entire tub of butter.  However, if your dog is used to spending time alone, and often these are rescue dogs, then it can be ok, and this can be made better by the addition of a second dog.  However, in most cases, and definately the case of puppies, it would not be in the best interests of the dog to be left alone for long periods.......
As Goofy said, okay if you can find someone to pop in and do walks etc. Are there any dog sitters and walkers in your area? I know I've seen a site somewhere for people who love dogs but can't for one reason or another have their own, to walk dogs and visit them regularly. If you get a dog I'd suggest getting an older one who is happy to sleep at least a good part of the day and a breed that doesn't need too much exercise. Could you get home at lunch or anything? Try visiting Some people will rehome to working families as long as proper provision is made.

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