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mccfluff | 11:09 Fri 15th Jun 2012 | Site Suggestions
26 Answers
We really really really really need an edit function



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I could love with that ...
No we really really really really do not :)
I believe this is what the "Submit" button is for: to edit your post, don't click it.
Whilst I sometimes wish I could correct a typo I think there could be problems if people could go back and change their posts.
Question Author
ok i can you go and correct my latest embarrasing typo please

and we'll say no more about it
I could remove the post...

I'm not going to, just saying I could :p
I love your idea but think you will just have to love with it.
^^^ Nice one mammy... <chuckle>
Question Author
bog off the lot of you

i will remember this

I think it should have a permanent link like anyone mentions mollikins they can click on the name and go straight to the sweecorn thread.....
I think an edit function would be useful.
stopped working or did I spell it wrong Mollykins
nope still works
I just live typos. Someone once posted that razor wive would be good along the top of a wall.
it would be useful but also a pain in the butt

i could say 'mcfluff is a (insert whatever here) then go back and change it and deny all knowledge lol
it would cause rows...because people would be able to say something then deny it or change it etc and make others responses look wrong

heres a novel idea ... check the post before pressing submit ... if you have time to check it afterwards and go back and edit , you have time to read through it before pressing send...
Can't we just agree to read your submissions before your hit the "Submit" button, simples :)
I'd like an edit button too.

We can sorta get round the whole "but you can change a nasty post later on to cover your back" argument...kinda, if it automatically put a "Edited at...then a time" on the end.
Just make any changes by the OP 'soft edits' - where the original is preserved and can be seen by the Ed and the mods - that's the way it works on most sites.

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