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What are you reading at the moment?

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AB Editor | 09:23 Mon 18th Jul 2011 | Books & Authors
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I'm giving James Frey's "The Last Testament of the Holy Bible" a go. It's alright, but it suffers from voices which feel really inauthentic, which is particularly problematic as the story is told in a pseudo-confessional style through several different voices!

There is just enough there to keep me reading for a little while longer though.

What is everyone else reading at the moment?


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Well i got started on Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, haven't got far, but its next on the list.
I am ploughing my way through several months of BBC History magazines... they piled up while I was away last winter and the pile has just got higher ever since. A big clearout is required.

Did you know Charles I was suspected of witchcraft? And that diamond engagement rings were very unusual until De Beers did a big advertising campaign in the 1930s?
I have had a couple of false starts with novels, but I've just got a biography of Phil Spector out of the library, so I kick off with that at bedtime.
The Obelisk - Howard Gordon, Ive been reading it weeks and only on page 53 lol and The Sealed Nectar same with that, read a bit and forgot about it
PD James The Murder Room, just finished Death in Holy Orders, cannot believe that I have never read any before.
Michael Simpkins " The Last Flannelled Fool "
Memoirs of his youth and trips around county cricket grounds.Lots of great names and tales from the past.Great,if you enjoy cricket.
'An Echo In The Bone' by Diana Gabaldon. It is the 7th in a series about a woman from 1968 who finds herself in 18th C. Scotland. She gets embroiled in the Jacobite rebellion and in the American Civil war. There is a great love story between the woman, Claire, and Jamie Fraser a highlander. The historical detail is well-researched and it is a cracking good yarn. Cannot be classed as a romance because of all the blood and guts.
Just finished 'The Mathematics of Love' -Emma Darwin and 'Burning Marguerite'- Elizabeth Innes-Brown- bot excellent reads which I finished yesterday and I'm open to suggestions for the next foray as I hate being bookless.
Steven Tyler's "Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?" Very interesting but disturbing at the same time. Not for the easily offended amongst us lol.
I'm reading Fred and Rose (West)
I hope no one thinks badly of me when I say its a good read
Just finished Alexander McCall Smith's Corduroy Mansions and The Dog who came in from the cold - didn't enjoy them as much as his No. 1 Ladies Detective agency and Isabel Dalhousie series though. Also re-reading Pride and Prejudice on Kindle.
Mark Billingham's Buried, a DI Thorne story, which I picked up while on holiday and am just finishing.
Don't have anything to read after that so hopefully may get some tips from this thread.
A book entitled "Supporting Care Practice" by Yvonne Nolan.

Really exciting stuff I can tell you!!
My books currently "on the go" ...

Madeleine - Kate McCann

The Ode Less Travelled - Stephen Fry

Dead Like You - Peter James

The Phantom Of The Opera - Gaston Leroux

A Nidsummer Night's Dream - Shakespeare

The Host - Stephenie Meyer

Heart Of Tango - Elin Barcelo

Call Me Crazy - Anne Heche (Autobiography)

Kate Moss: Sex, Drugs And A Rock Chick - Brandon Hurst

The Study Abroad Murder - Will Savive

I don't have a Rom Com on the go at the moment, so I'm open to recommendations. Or any comedy novel, really.
Just finished Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol - I found it REALLY hard to put it down. I've found that with all the DB books. I'm now on with Driven To Distraction by Jeremy Clarkson. Along with the other 20 or so to get through.
JJ (just to go off-topic for a second) as an admirer of bone-crunching rugby, see if you can get a look at yesterday's Samoa-Australia match - Ozzies driven into the ground like tent pegs.
a book about Anglo/Aussie nuclear testing under the Menzies government in the 50's. and how personnel and Aborigines were used as guinea pigs.
Just finished Now You See Me by SJ Bolton .Very gory it was too :)
Just started The German Boy by Tricia Wastvedt.
Okay, jno. Is that legal? Isn't that what the South Africans did to that Irish guy on the British Lions tour?

I also admire skill and flair, of course, LOL.

ps. One of the books I have "lined up" was given to me by one of my rugby playing guy pals last week. It's a book of rugby anecdotes by Laurence Dallaglio. It looks quite jolly.
I have just started reading A Game of Thrones after much badgering from my son! It'd better be good as I have a thing of reading what I have started whether I like it or not....and there is a fair bit of reading there!!!!!

Lisa x

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