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A poem

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thejudderman | 22:38 Tue 05th Jul 2011 | Arts & Literature
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For the last 2 months ive been dating an old flame from 30 years ago. Its her birthday next week and being a bit of a romantic I was trying to write a poem about meeting up with her again after all these years, but im not doing to well. Anyone got any ideas? maybe someone could give me a few lines or something?

Thanks in advance.


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Off the top of my head:

"Too Many Years"

It's your birthday and I find myself thinking "Too many years".
Not in your face, of course. (It's as beautiful as ever).
Not in your body either. (It's as sexy as ever)
Nor in your attitude to life. (It's as youthful as ever).
There were just too many years when we weren't together.
I love you.
Honey it`s your birthday next week
There`s a few thing we may need to tweak
It`s been 30 years
And I`ve lost a few gears
I can now only do it once a week
I used to know you years ago
When your face was smooth as glass
It's you I recognised
Now it resembles an ephalumps ass.
You've changed my life in so many ways
If only I could show
A life and love now filled with hope, grows stronger day by day
The future is so bright now, with your love to light my way.
You've changed my life in so many ways
With the little things you've done
I ask you now to take my hand, as our walk has just begun

Brian ALley-Freeman
If you want rhyme in your poetry, this might be a good starting point:
Adapted "par moi" - original by Steve Fockler.

You are the one I should have known throughout the years.
Together sharing each others dreams hopes and fears.
You should have been the precious one that could have only come from above.
The more that I think I know you the more I should have asked, could this be love?
Grand feelings, never gone from our hearts and not far from the mind.
On this journey a path should await us both, but apart we must find.

Our timing's never been right just a slight off the mark.

To my joy I could hear that lovely voice and your beautiful face.
I feel a thousand moments have passed since we last left this place.
That feeling that could have been of peace and warmth from your arms, truly second to none.
The one that I should have known and the one who could have known me, could this ever be the one?
Your eyes, your lips , my heart beats fast at the mention of your name.
Both on this path of life, something different, but our paths not the same.

Our timing never right just a slight off the mark.

Then fate again brings us together once more.
Our hearts charged with feelings we've not felt before.
I close my eyes and see the perfection in you smile.
Your presents, your smile, a love not felt in a long while.
Our hearts forever entwined the truth has always been there.
The love, the heat, the passion as we become one without care.
My heart is yours I happily give without shame.
Once again torn apart, our paths not the same.

Our timing never right just a slight off the mark.

I carry you silently in my soul, our love strong and true.
No one before has possessed my heart such as you.
All since have paled in the radiance of you eyes.
None other will have my heart no matter how she tries.

Our timing never right just a slight off the mark.

I pray for that wonderful day when our time finally arrives.
Our day to dance, our day to love, our day to truly share our lives.
Our hearts joined as one, a union that will surely last.
The day to declare to all our silence a thing of the past.
To proclaim daily this tribute of love that shall end never.
You could be my best friend, the love of my life, now and forever.

Our timing perhaps right forever on the mark.
Marvel, pass me a bucket. That reads like a 1980s birthday card.
Or just go for the classic...

Roses are red
Violets are blue
It`s been 30 years
And I still love you
And so fate has brought us together once more
To a kiss from your tender mouth
Warming the autumn of our years
It's a shame your t1ts have gone south.
Sorry count
Where did you go, ? where have you been, ? I was just killing time but you know I was keen to rekindle our friendship and start things again, I just wasn't sure of the where and the when so we drifted on slowly through 5 and then 10 and suddenly it's 30 and I'm by mi ' sen and you're on your ownsome so let's start again and I'll wish Happy Birthday to you and just then we'll be sorted .... hope that's ok
Roses are red
Violets are blue
It`s been 30 years
since I f..... you
or on that same theme elvis...

roses are red
violets are blue
I'm still good looking
What happened to you!
Or if she doesn`t want to know you anymore

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Get in the van
I`ve got a gun!
I've dreamt of the day
you would share with me
your life, your dreams your love
At last we can be as one entity
and travel the heavens above
Excluding the attempts at humour, I didn't realise we had such a lot of lovely sentimental people here. Chris, loved yours and marval and DT.
At least a few people are taking this request seriously!

Tamborine's idea certainly has merit, although I'd like to see a change to the final line. ('Travelling the heavens above' sounds a bit like a suicide pact to me!).

Northernpopquiz's contribution might need a little work, but it could still be a useful starting point.
your right Chris....searched for a final line but alas. Love is heavenly but I did like yours.
The serious attempts are all saccharin laced cliches. Love northernpopquiz's.
Well my attempt might be rubbish, Count, but I find it hard to see how it's a cliché! (With or without saccharin!)

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