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Do Libraries Have A Place In Modern Britain?

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expire-ed | 11:14 Thu 29th Jun 2017 | Arts & Literature
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I read this earlier, and wondered what people thought:

With the closure of hundreds of libraries over the last few years, do we think we're seeing the end of these community knowledge hubs?

Here's a bit on the closing of libraries last year:

Do you still use the library? In what capacity?

I confess to not having been in a library for a long time, as it's often not really my crowd (the books I like I new, and literary - and most of the non-fiction I want can be bought cheap or found online for free).

And yet, I am sad at the idea of them closing.



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I hope they do. Our library, which I admit I don't use, is in a lovely building.

They still do children's reading sessions. Cheap access to computers and printers and perfect for studying for students who live in a busy household.
Yep - same here: our library is used for lots of things other than borrowing books, and long may it continue
Question Author
I suppose they are in theory Ummmm - I don't think I've used a library since my University days?
I lived in America (New Jersey) briefly and the libraries there were almost entirely staffed by volunteers. It worked very well, mostly the volunteers were retired folk but there were also links to local PTA’s. I wonder whether doing that here would save money and help to keep libraries alive?
I think they do have a place in modern Britain.
The village library closed a number of years ago and was replaced by a mobile one, which was even less convenient and didn't last long.

The small town library is now at home in the swanky town hall, opposite a coffee shop :-)
I love my library! As well as hardback and paperback books I download lots of ebooks from different counties libraries - I can usually find what I want.
My local library is the go to place for local information such as bus and train timetables and 'what's on' information; our councillors and MPs hold open meetings and clinics there; local and not so local authors give talks; book clubs for adults and children; free computer use and computer lessons; all the daily papers available for in-library reading; free access to family tree sites and Which? magazine; story time for toddlers; coffee morning once a week; board games for loan; fab, knowledgeable staff
ps I love the OP's user name :-D

I reckon it's The Departing AB Editor going by the Avatar that shows up on the Profile
It's Ed !! lol
I didn't even notice the user name :-)
one near us was closed down last year. Protestors carried signs saying "Opened by Mark Twain [which was true], closed by Councillor Jones."

Our nearest mainl ibrary was pulled down and rebuilt much smaller, and the land given to developers, which was outrageous, It was always heavily used, especially by kids doing homework.
Question Author
I suppose that can be done JNO because those most effected don't really have a voice.

they spoke very loudly indeed but were ignored. (And in due course the councillors were re-elected along the usual tribal lines.)
Was hoping that when it came to re-elect, they'd be turfed out jno.

Sorry to read that they didn't :-(
How strange that this should be posted today. I've just passed the library I used as a child/teenager and guess what - it's now a block of flats! It seems such a shame, but having said that I can't remember the last time I used a library.
Question Author
Sorry, I meant when it came to casting those votes - it's not often that people vote blue or red with kids doing their homework in mind.

hc4361 - I am glad you have such enthusiasm for your library!
Yes, I use my Library. And so do lots of children. We are lucky here in Swansea, as we have managed to avoid any closures. The Staff in mine couldn't be more helpful if they tried

I have been using Libraries since I was about 4/5 years old and I can't praise them enough. I am not sure where I would be without mine !

Haven't used one for years. Do libraries have a place in modern Britain? ... Definitely, for all the reasons already given. I encouraged my children to read from an early age, they loved a trip to the library! I'm fortunate enough to be able to buy a book these days, but there are still many who can't for whatever reason, the same for internet access, there a still some who haven't got the internet at home. It is as already said, a hub for local people keeping them informed and up to date with what's going on in their area.
Libraries are a great resource & need to be maintained, I feel.

As a child, allowed to choose anything to read, my own child's ticket was always full & I'd have to put any "grown-up" books I wanted on my mum's ticket if she had space. I loved the whole experience & I've used libraries ever since, wherever I've lived.

Our mobile library (although under threat) is a godsend to many & stops about 100 yards from me, which means I don't need to spend £4 on bus fare to get to the main library, though I do try to visit it when I'm in town for another reason. I can order a book for 60p & that's great value to my mind.

For me, holding a real book has always been one of the great joys of life & while I do have a Kobo, I don't get that frisson of excitement when opening it.
I forgot to add....the4 'net terminals in my one, here in the Village are nearly always in use, every day, so not everybody has universal 'net access.

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