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dozie | 16:17 Fri 04th Nov 2005 | Arts & Literature
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any ideas for really interesting autobiographies to read, (old and new)?


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The new John Peel autobiography has had excellent reviews - finished by his wife after his untimely death.

I can always reccomend The Naked Civil Servant and anything else by Quentin Crisp - one of our greatest eccentrics, and a sad loss to the cultural world.

I Dreamed of Africa by Kuki Gallman - an amazing and beautifully written account of coping with a string of personal setbacks against the stunning backdrop of Africa.
If Chins Could Kill - Confessions of a B movie star by Bruce Campbell. Very enjoyable even if you don't know who he is (he was Ash in the Evil Dead films, a cult figure really) Says a lot about the movie industry and stuff.
Michael Caine's "What's It All About?'....up there with the two by David Niven.
'The Moon's a Balloon' and 'Bring on the Empty Horses' by David Niven. Also all the Spike Milligan auto biography books (I think there are 6). Although 'Adolf Hitler:My part in his downfall' is very Milliganesque in terms of humour, by the time you get to 'Where have all the bullets gone?' where he gets shellshock and becomes a manic depressive, the writing style has developed and it is very moving. There are loads of bits that show the futility of war, but more that show that on the whole he had a fun time.
fowler - robbie fowler. one of the best football books i have read, and i have read loads of autos.

The Long Banana Skin by Michael Bentine, the only Peruvian Goon born in Watford!

I laughed so much my sides ached and cried too.

it's got to the billy connolly ones - even reading them I could hear his accent in my head and was howling with laughter. It also made me sad with his childhood and angry because of what went on. Only thing is you have to like him otherwise it does not work.
Goodbye to All That by Robert Graves
I totally agree with Epstein, Michael Caines's is brillaint. I wouldn't call myself a big fan of his but picked it up when I was bored one afternoon and couldn't put it down.
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Ta very much, loks like i'll be putting all those on my crimbo list
Cider with Roadies made me laugh a lot. It's by Stuart Maconie.

Frank Skinners is very funny and doesn't have all the boring childhood details. It flits between the past and him presently writing the book.

Tommy coopers had a joke in everyline. Cracked me up.

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