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Eye Surgery/ ftao Sqad...

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Jemisa | 16:13 Tue 25th Sep 2012 | Health & Fitness
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I'm having eye surgery at the end of Oct. The eye surgeon tells me it will take around an hour. He wants to do it by local anesthetic but I've asked for a genersl, because of my heart surgery last Sept he feels I won't be fit enough & has written to the anethatist at the Heart Hosp for advice.
While waiting for the reply I wondered if you Sqad could give me any advice?
Of course to save my sight I cannot say no to the Op but its quite daunting to think of this Op with me awake (so to speak) for an hour while my eye is being cut about.
I feel fit enough but that isn't my decision to make unfortunately.
So Sqad any advice? Thankyou.



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Avatar Image have my hour........I would want a G.A

However, the anaesthetist will have the final say....quite rightly.

Remind me....what heart surgery did you have?
16:17 Tue 25th Sep 2012 have my hour........I would want a G.A

However, the anaesthetist will have the final say....quite rightly.

Remind me....what heart surgery did you have?
Would you mind me asking what operation you're having Jem. I've had a lot of faffing with my eyes as I have a hereditary retina disease. It always sounds a lot worse than it actually is. Try not to worry too much x
It is possible, I believe to have strong sedation without being put out so to speak. A friend of mine had to have an op, cannot remember what it was for, but she wanted GA and due to her heart condition it was decided that it would be too risky so she was given the sedation which worked well. Perhaps Sqad can comment on this. Obviously it is down to anaesthatist.
furry....that would be a good idea in the circumstances...local anaesthesia WITH sedation.
I've had eye surgery under a local anaesthetic and it was fine . ( although i wished i had eaten before the op )
I recall the surgeon whistling away while he was wielding the knife - mind you he is considered to be the best in Europe at the particular procedure .

I'm sure you'll be fine whichever way they decide to proceed .
Best wishes
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This is the op I'm having Mazie Plus while he's at it I'll be having extensive Laser treatment too. Evidently they suck the jelly out of your eye/s. (Vitrictomy)

Sqad, I had heart bypass surgery plus extracting arteries from my leg (ankle to knee) to use in the repair plus cleaning of two other arteries. Because of fluid on the lungs too they drained the lungs.

jem (hope the link works) Media URL:
Description: it was a routine coronary artery bypass.

Well.....the anaesthetist MIGHT buy a GA but I doubt it.

Then push for the sedation with won't remember a thing.
P.S It was a vein that they removed from your leg..NOT an artery...;-)
Jem...You will be fine. It always looks a lot worse than it is. I'll be thinking about you and sending you lots of positive vibes. xxx
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Of course it was Sqad I should have said.
What a fine job they did too, now a year on there is just a fine silvery line (Scar) showing. My chest scar gave me my first cleavage (never had one before) sticks chest out proudly...

jem leg scar is yet to heal completely...8 months on and there is a large area of anaesthesia around the lower leg and the annoying part was that they couldn't use the leg vein for the graft.

We must compare cleavages some time....;-)
Dear Jemisa, you will be OK. I had a cataract op that took over an hour, although scheduled for 20 mins, because it had to be cut out having grown over the whole eye and I never felt any pain - in fact they even renewed the anasthetic and it was fine. I shall think of you. Love F - the one armed bandit (due to dislocating my shoulder a week ago. I was conscious but on a large dose of morphine when they put it back and I just felt tugging. No pain! but it did help that a handsome male nurse in training had his arms round my waist to stop me falling off the bed!) LOL
Try to think of other things while they are doing the op - to take your mind off it. Go through the alphabet thinking of towns (beginning with A,B etc) girls names, boys names, first lines of hymns - anything!
Good luck and I hope the surgery is a success. J
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Bless you jumbo its a good idea & if I can't have the GA I'll give it a go.
The nurse said the surgeon will let me take a soothing CD in to calm me. So I might take my West-Life one.

Thinking of you, Jem, as it's nearly the end of October..........wondering if you are ok about your surgery. Keep smiling! J

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Eye Surgery/ ftao Sqad...

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