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New Dentures Is This Normal ?

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Hettster | 11:30 Sat 16th Jan 2016 | Health & Fitness
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Hello Boys & Girls

This is a follow on from a previous question regarding dentures. I will share the tale of my experience thus far of having 14 teeth removed under sedation and a full upper and partial lower denture (both immediate) fitted. Eating for the first week, I have lived on sloppy wheetabix, yogurt and vegetables (boiled to within an inch of their life’s as the saying goes). I have lost about 3Kgs in weight.

I will start with the good
• The actual procedure was painless and I recall nothing about it.
• The smile I am delighted with, the teeth look amazing and natural, which I think, is because the teeth are not completely uniform.

The not so good
• Had to take regular analgesia for the first 6 days, I am slowly weaning myself off the painkillers
• For the first 2 days, my top lip swelled up.
• Speech was initially an issue, words were kind of slurred and I developed a lisp. I have overcome both by singing along aloud whilst practicing my ukulele playing.
• I could not remove the lower denture on the 2nd day as advised by the dentist, so had to go back so that the dentist could remove the lower denture and “shave” a little bit off.
• I was terrified on the first few occasions that I had to remove the dentures, so they could be cleaned and I could rinse my mouth and brush the few (about 5 ) remaining lower teeth.
• Unable to eating anything other than sloppy or pureed food
• A nagging fear that I have done the wrong thing and have
• A vice like feeling of the denture cutting into my gums which is slowly resolving
• Having a sensation that my mouth is very full, hard to describe and unpleasant
• “Monkey Lip” Google the term it’ll then make sense
• I can now gurn just like Les Dawson. I can now gurn just like Les Dawson.

My question is twofold

Is what I am experiencing normal?
At what point should I go back to the dentist?


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For more on marking an answer as the "Best Answer", please visit our FAQ. you have to use Fixodent or similar adhesive to stop them moving/falling down?
Are they causing you pain?

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My denture really hurt at first, rubbed on the front of the top gum and caused a painful sore on it. The dentist shaved a bit off the denture and it was fine from then on. I remember that feeling of wondering what on earth I had done, but it was soon absolutely fine, been 2 years now and no problems whatsoever. Still with it, it will be OK but
don't be afraid to hassle your dentist if you get constant pain that doesn't seem to lessen.
yep Hettster, I agree with horsey, don't be afraid to keep going back to dentist.
On the plus side, I am now a vegetarian!
Not for any ethical reasons, just 'cause I can't chew meat anymore :D


My partner has a full set of dentures. He had his teeth removed when he was 27 (in 1987) due to the gum disease pyria that he had suffered with all his life. He got fed up with the dentists trying to make his mouth right.

He had these dentures until 2010 when he got a new set, so they were well worn and he was careful what he ate.

When he got the new set he said he felt like he was "all teeth", he slurred his words and even dribbled sometimes. He went back to eating sloppy food. He was in pain and went back to the dentist at least 4 times to have the dentures shaved to give him comfort.

Roll in a couple of months and these new teeth were his best friends. He has started to eat foods that he had never tried before and now has his steak cooked less because he can chew it.

He uses fixadent/polygrip (whichever is on offer) on his bottom set but the top set stay in place on their own. In the 10 years I have known him I have still not seen him without his teeth. He only takes them out to clean them. What I find amazing is how lifelike the teeth are.

It took about 2 weeks for the teeth to feel better and another couple to completely get used to them.

Go back to your dentist to get the shaving done and keep going back until you are satisfied. From what my partner has gone through with his new set it sounds about normal what you are experiencing.
1) Yes - quite normal
2) This week - immediate dentures usually need adjusting (and often relining) within the first week

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New Dentures Is This Normal ?

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