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Opioid Addiction

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Khandro | 09:13 Fri 16th Mar 2018 | Health & Fitness
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Is this a realistic danger or newspaper sensationalism? I ask because my wife has just been subscribed some. How long is it safe to take them?


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Addiction OR dependence?

One is prescribed these Opioids for intractable pain......cancer, neuralga or arthritic disorders and to answer the question as to how long can you take them depends upon the reason for prescribing.
You come to the point where a patient NEEDS the medication and may have to choice between severe pain or continuing medication........that to me is dependence and not addiction.
No, I do think that there is a problem and it is not newspaper sensationalism.
Difficult one Khandro.
what a great post from sqad, which i agree with entirely. having been both a palliative care nurse and a recipient of these drugs, i have experience of both sides.
When i was a palliative care nurse, dependence and addiction were not seen as problems at all - most patients would not be surviving long enough to worry about it.
I have had morphine tablets, patches and liquid prescribed at different times to help with my own pain, and have never felt addicted or dependent. However, my pain is relapsing and remitting, so the longest term i had to take them was for a period of around a year. What you need is prescribers who are on the ball, to prescribe for the shortest amount of time for people who have temporary pain, and to monitor those with longer term pain more closely, rather than just repeat prescribing
oh, and patients who take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing and take the lowest dose necessary to help with the pain for the shortest time necessary
We don't seem to have as many people hell-bent on avoiding reality in any shape or form as America.

We came through heroin, crack, PCP, methamphetaminepretty well as far as I can see.
Maybe we're just lucky in not having to pursue the American dream to find only empty promises and disappointment.
Question Author
Sqad; It has been prescribed (not "subscribed" :0) for severe neck pain in order to sleep. I would like her to ask about an operation, but she doesn't fancy the idea - what do you think?
It is HER pain, Khandro,
so let her and her doctor deal with it

and no - obviously not every pain is treated by an operation. If I were your wife then I would be inclined to tell you to butt out ....

some what rude I agree - but if I were in pain,
i wouldnt want some one close to me to waggle the bottle of pain relief and say - "well if you were in Egypt you would be in prison!"

If she is worried then get a chronic pain consult
Question Author
PP A fair point, but I did say above that I would like her to seek information about an op. - not necessarily have it.
Khandro......I don't know the details of you wife's condition, but i would certainly seek an Orthopaedic or Neurosurgical opinion.
Question Author
Thanks, Sqad and all.

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Opioid Addiction

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