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Watery Eyes

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modeller | 18:45 Sat 17th Mar 2018 | Health & Fitness
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This year my eyes have been badly watering and sore when indoors when the central heating is on.
I'm OK ouside in the cold fresh air or inside with the windows partly open.

Are humidifiers any good ? If so any suggestions which ones ?


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Does this happen only in your dwelling or also anywhere that is heated, i.e. not at perhaps 5 degrees Celsius or below these days ?
Question Author
I would say its almost exclusively at home when the temperature is over 20'C. but it's primarily linked to the humidity. That's why I'm
considering a humidifier but there are so many on the market , from £16, to over £100. all making claims as to their efficiency I thought I would check out Answer Bank.
What about hiring one to see how big a difference it makes?
As an experiment which will cost you nothing, try standing some bowls of water in the room and see if that makes a difference.
my Granny kept a wee bowl of water under the radiator ..seemed to help her
Question Author
I have tried putting out bowls of water and putting wet clothing on the radiators but it's difficult to judge how much difference it made.
Not a lot I think ! That's why I thought of trying a proper humidifier.

The only thing that does work is keeping the temperature down to 20'C or below with several windows partly open. I've just checked the temperature in the lounge, it's 18'C and my eyes are just watering a little.
Of course I could go out for a walk in the snow that would solve the immediate problem.
I'm just about to go out for a walk in the snow and my eyes and nose will be watering. :-)

"my Granny kept a wee bowl of water under the radiator ..seemed to help her"

I initially read that as "my Granny kept a bowl of wee under the radiator."
My granny kept hers under the bed. ;-)
Could it be an allergy to something in your home?
Does it happen in other places that are heated to 20+?
My eyes are always watering, especially in the morning. I think I might be allergic to my cat.
Turn the heating down, and put warmer clothes on.

Silly suggestion I know, judging from 'er indoors's reaction to me saying this.
Not silly, Hopkirk, I don't like central heating as I find it quite stuffy. I get annoyed with the kids coming into the living room in just their boxer shorts moaning about it being cold.
modeller....this may be nothing to do with humidity.......see your GP or get an eye check as this may indicate the onset of glaucoma ......unlikely , but worth excluding.
It strikes me that this has nothing to do with central heating per se but is most likely to point to an increased release within (only) your home of vapours of some type as the temperature rises - which will then also happen during the few days of warm weather to be expected during July and August.

If you have added anything, particularly containing any type of synthetic material, to your home's collection of furniture, carpets, etc. or painted something there sometime immediately before this started happening then that could be the culprit. Obviously, you will want to find what is causing this because you won't want to be living in a house so cold that it is not truly fit to live in.

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Watery Eyes

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