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coughing fit

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lovecooking | 22:19 Tue 05th Jun 2007 | Health & Fitness
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my Mum has had broncial asthma for nearly 50 years, with a really horrific cough when the weather is damp. she never complains and at 70 lives life to the full and smiles at each day, unfortunately she has suddenly developed a cough which starts at any time, its sharp and unstoppable. its almost like she swallows to much air, she cant stop and finds she is sick sometimes, it wears her out as it can last for up to 5-6minutes none stop. Does anyone know of a good cough supressor? Doc gives rubbish like 'simple linctus' SPANISH doctor once gave her codeine, NHS wont do that here. I hate to see her in so much distress and she has started to get embarrassed about it. (she has tried the ususal hot toddies, chocolate, throat sweets, boiled sweets, lemon and honey and most herbal remedies.


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love - It sounds like your mum needs a complete review of her medication, could you go with her to the doctors & let them know how bad her symptoms are? It could be that a different medication would make a difference.
Your mother should not be using any cough suppressant without the advice of her GP, because the coughing may be essential in clearing her airways of secretions and poolings caused by her asthma.

Suppressants could cause a deal of harm. Codeine is, as you know, used a cough suppressant and this is why your mother's GP won't prescribe it for her.

Has she tried Montelukast?

She really does need to see her GP - he should be considering a chest xray if it has been going on for any time.

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thanks skyep and ethel, mum has been seen by 'specialist' privately and otherwise , all over GB. theres nothing she can do about her bronc asthma, as i say she copes well. her medication has been changed a few times and she gets relief for a while, this cough in unexplainable apparently. She had a chest xray 5 weeks ago, there was signs of damage in the lower lungs but thankfully no shadows that couldnt be explained. We , the family, have visited with her and we dont take any nonsense, we have a great deal of respect for her local Doc and he has tried all of the drugs he can. I am a little concerned though that as she is now 70 they (docs etc..) dont want to try anything new. Anyway, thanks again

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coughing fit

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