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Extreme tiredness and watery eyes

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tamirra | 21:29 Mon 30th Aug 2010 | Health & Fitness
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Hello, any advice please for my mum, she is 67 and had been taking statins but only for a few months but had to stop them due to bad pains in her muscles, but since stopping them she has not felt well, she has extreme tiredness ( she has never slept well anyway )but now lays awake most of the night and also has very watery eyes to the extent that her eyes just run constantly, she has been to her g.p who didnt help much, other than blood tests and ecg which were normal, this has been going on now for quite a few months, she used to have so much energy but nowadays by the time she has been up and out of bed for about 2 hours she is so worn out and tired she ends up in tears, the doc has given her piriton to help her sleep which hasnt helped at all, any advice here please as to what could be causing this. Thank you.


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id get your mum to see her g.p. again, could you go with her and explain just what you have described on here tonight, hope she feels better soon
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Anne, my father went in with her and they explained just about everything, ive spoken to her this morning and she laid awake most of the night yet again, i just dont know whats going on with her. Thank you for your reply. xx
Piriton? to help her sleep? Has he not suggested she goes for blood tests?
An awful lot can be detected from blood tests. Go back to your GP & ask about one.

Piriton is an antihistamine, an anti-allergy drug. Seems a bit weird to prescribe is as a sleeping pill.
Piriton makes you drowsy which may be is why he`s prescribed it. Or maybe he thinks the watery eyes are an allergy. I would think the watery eyes are due to tiredness. Maybe you`re mums sleep problems will settle down. She`s bound to be exhausted and depressed if she hasn`t had any sleep. I know it`s stating the obvious but maybe your mum could read up on relaxation techniques that aid sleep and maybe give it a while to let everything settle down.
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Thank you for all the input, the sleep problem she has she has had for many many years now but just lately it has got very bad to the stage of not sleeping at all at night, she has tried the sleep remedies you buy, but can only take certain ones as she has high blood pressure and also glaucoma, but again they dont work she may grab about 2 hours a night while taking them but who can survive on that, Jemma she has had blood tests done for anemia but neg results. xx

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Extreme tiredness and watery eyes

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