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nextqueen | 09:32 Wed 17th Aug 2011 | Body & Soul
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as we have now moved quite near to an airport, our inlaws are going to come and park their car at ours while they are away to save on parking/taxi costs. this entails staying the night before and then for us to give them a lift to the airport and to fetch them back accordingly. however, when they were round the other day chatting about it, they are going away in sept on a wed afternoon and said about coming the tues. the mother in law then said we may even come the monday to which father in law said, yes, well we havent got anything to do at home. Grrrr! i wont be at work that week, hubby will. How do i get them to come and stay just the day before? hubby was originally going to be away the tues anyway so i was going to say that we just wanted to be on our own the monday (night) as we wouldnt see each other for a while but hes not going now,damn!


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You have 2 choices.

1) Accept the situation
2) Come straight to the point, saying that one night is fine, but more than one night is inconvenient.

I know which i would choice.....we never have such problems.
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I can't see the issue. Do you not like them?
I'm unsure a couple of days is such a big deal for family to stay, but if it does get to you then simply say it won't be convenient. But discuss with your OH first.
i'd happily put my inlaws up for a week.

as said, do you not like them ?
I agree with ummm, you and your husband have the other 362 days to make up to see each other, he may like to see his parents, they wont be around forever.
Its bit the attitude thing by me.....assuming they can come when they like. Is it a minor annoyance the you can swallow or a biggie? I would discuss calmly with your OH and make a joint decision.

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