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Cataract surgery update for Sqad and others

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slinkycat | 00:45 Mon 24th Oct 2011 | Body & Soul
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I've posted several queries on here re my Dad's cataract surgery, and received very helpful replies.
Just wanted to report that at last, he has had the long awaited op on one eye:-) He is a different man, so happy, and getting on my Mum's nerves because he keeps reading out stuff that comes up on the telly, just because he can!
Just the really bad eye to go, and although he's been warned that he might be left totally blind in that one because of previous scarring, he's decided to go for it, so fingers crossed.


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Well played Dad ;-).Feedback much appreciated.
Glad to know all went ok. Thanks for the update.
My mother has her second one tomorrow....this time under sedation, as for her first one, it could have been a candidate on "Strictly" apparently.

Same effect for her first as above......hopefully she won't need glasses, the only problemis she can't remember what she sees - mid Alzheimers......
but it might help with orientation for a while if she can see better...we used to push for patients to have it done as at least they could watch tv and do simple things like look at a clock while they could still remember how to tell the time.
she's not to bad on orientation at the moment and still knits/needlework, so the eye will help. This one is the lesser of the two cataracts so we are the other way around to sqad....

I've told it before but....two patients sitting in the mental hospital.

"That clock over there on the wall, Is it telling the right time?"
"Yes, I think so."
"Well then, it shouldn't be in here."
isnt it great how a fairly simple operation can make such a difference.............well done dad :)

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Cataract surgery update for Sqad and others

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