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Pain relief?

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purpose | 17:03 Mon 13th Jun 2005 | Body & Soul
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Does anyone have any experience of using a TNS (as opposed to TENS) 'pen' for pain relief? My parents are in their 60s and have osteoarthritis (mainly in their arms/hands) and have tried glucosamine gel to no avail. Their GP is keen to feed them pills but they'd like to try Alternative therapies before they feel 'pushed' down that road.




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Hi Purpose,

I have one of these pens and, while they don't completely take the pain away, they do ease it. The makers claim that something like 90% of people are helped by them - I think it depends on the type of pain/ailment the person suffers from. I use my pen to ease back and shoulder pain. I also bought one for a friend who finds it helps her arthritic knees. I think the problem is there's no guarantee it will definitely work, but it was certainly worth the money in my case. 

Hope this helps - my best to your parents. 

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Thanks delilahcat,

I think i will get one for them to try.

All the best to you :0)

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Pain relief?

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