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flump1 | 22:16 Sat 05th Jan 2013 | Body & Soul
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I would like to remind people how vitally important donor transplants are to the many thousands waiting on the transfer list. I carry a donor card and all my bits and bobs are to be used for transplant or research. I am medicated so not sure if any of my bits would be suitable.
My sister in law in her late twenties has been on the transfer list for two years now. She has dialysis and needs a transplant desperately .
How many of us would be eager to accept an organ if it meant our lives could be saved?
At present one has to fill in a card and let as many close family members know of their wishes on the event of death their organs can be made available for transplant.
If it is something you have always meant to do but not got around to it, please do it as soon as you can. NOW.
If you already carry a donor card, while we hope it will not be used for years it is a great thing to do.
There is a severe shortage of donors in the UK, I hope I have not offended anybody by asking.


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You are also able to join the NHS Organ Donor Register online.
22:32 Sat 05th Jan 2013
As I see organ harvesting on an irregular basis I've been registered online for a few years now. I wish more people would do so.
Flump. I know what your SiL is going through and second that. No chance of a living donor? Gx
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Hi Gness, no she needs kidney and pancreas : ( she is a wonderful lady she has a great little boy it is so worrisome .
Ahh...not so straightforward sorry Flump. Dialysis is no joke, I know. x
You are also able to join the NHS Organ Donor Register online.

I wish your sister all the best flump and hope that she gets that call soon!

My husband has had 2 kidney transplants over the years and I believe with his last (9 years ago) if he hadn't have had it when he did, he was getting so poorly that he wouldn't be here now.

I find it a very emotional topic when it arises when people give their reasons for not wanting to be an organ donor. Your right, if they or a loved one needed it and they would take it, then if their prepared to do this then they should be on the register.

Don't get me wrong, the realisation that someone has died when you get that phonecall is actually quite horrible. I know it is not something I had thought about until it happened and all I could do was cry for the family as I felt guilty we were getting what we wanted/needed and they had lost a loved one.
I am eternally greatful to them, every year just before the 4th of July (when hubby had his transplant) I think about that family and know they are thinking about the anniversary of their loved ones passing.
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Wingnut, thanks for that, may hubby have many happy years x
They have just run a very powerful emotional episode of Casualty on this very subject of donor cards.
Best beloved and I have been on the register for years and years. I have relatives who have had kidney problems, one requiring a transplant, (provided by another family member) anything I have can be used after I'm finished with it, I only hope someone can benefit from my passing.
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I know it's only a robot spammer - but I feel utterly pissed off and very angry that this thread has been despoiled.
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Good job I didn't see that then, I am very low at present .Thanks for reporting SDx
I give blood. It bloomin hurts, but again, it's a lifeline for someone people. Oh, and you get a biscuit afterwards!
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I applaud you A.C. I would like to.
I've been on the register and carried a card for years and all my family know my wishes, I was a blood donor for many years untill illness and medication stopped me so I don't know what bits will be any good but any thing they can use they're welcome to.
We are registered online, what does it matter when you are dead. My organs might do some good, I hope your SIL can have her wish granted.

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