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Fao Sqad Hip Pain?

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237SJ | 13:11 Sat 06th Apr 2013 | Body & Soul
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Sorry to bother you. My mum had to get out of bed the other night (due to the cat destroying the bedroom) and when she got out of bed the next morning, she had pain in the groin crease. Yesterday I took her out and she only walked a little way but when she got back, the pain was really bad. She can barely make it from the chair to the front door. It`s no better today. She had been complaining about a pain in her sacrum area for a while but that had eased off. I was wondering, could it be ostearthritis in the hip? All the pains were/are on the same side. You have said you had hip replacement. Was the pain like this? It does seem to have come on quite suddenly. Or could it be a groin strain? She wasn`t aware of a sudden pain when she got out of bed that night. It`s relieved when she`s sitting down or laying down but hurts when she turns over in bed. Thank you


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Oh, and it hurts when she bears weight or walks of course.
This sudden onset story of pain story doesn't sound at all like osteoarthritis.

On the assumption that her she hasn't got a swelling in her groin, then I agree that it sounds like a muscular strain and should settle over the next week or ten days with the usual painkiller regime.

No bother at all 237.
Question Author
Thanks Sqad. It`s a bit of a worry because I`ve got to go off to work and leave her. I`m going to lend her my infared heater and drop off a pot of ibuprofen.
237....that seems reasonable....
it could be pelvic or ovarian pain in that area. she shoud see her gp if the pan is persisting

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Fao Sqad Hip Pain?

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