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Really Paranoid At The Moment- Spoke To Duty Cpn Last Night Flashing Headlights And Funny Phone Calls

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gordiescotland1 | 05:24 Tue 24th Sep 2013 | Body & Soul
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Hi there
I am really paranoid at the moment but I cant decide if it is paranoia or real. Over the last few weeks I have been quite anxious and stressed about someone blasting their horn and shouting homophobic abuse out of their car but I have been ignoring it. Then since last thursday only sleeping for a few hours a night max because I was due to go away on holiday to a Christian conference and I was so anxious on sunday I could not go and I lost £300 as well as spending money putting my cat into a cattery so only 3 hours sleep a night taking 15mg valium since thursday thinking about being away from home and travelling. I am in arrears with Provident loan company and can pay it off next tuesday but I have been avoiding them and everything came to a head last night because on sunday afternoon I got a phone call from an unknown number asking me to confirm my name and address they had it and I stupidly said the info was correct she caught me unawares she told me she wanted to know about my DYson cleaner and I told her I did not have one and she started going mental at me swearing so I would be surprised if the call was legitimate. Last night at about 745 my intercom rang and I ignored it not expecting anyone so I put headphones on and I had all the curtains closed and lights off and then 10 mins later for the next 2 hours headlights went off intermittenly into my window no proof it was my window they were flashing headlights at but as soon as I made any movement in the dark like using my mobile phone to text the headlights started. I locked myself in the bathroom for 2 hours in the dark. I was convinced that someone was out to harm me I phoned nhs24 and cpn phoned me back and said my thinking was illogical and irrational nobody could see a mobile phone through closed curtains and if they wanted to they could easily come to my door and get someone to let them in I have had a fall out with some person a few weeks ago and a really bad fall out with someone 22 years ago. So cpn told me to take another diazepam then and one later on if I was feeling anxious and see my GP today which I am going to do but it all seems so real but I guess paranoia would I am wondering whether I should speak to provident and tell them the truth. Its a bloody high interest rate I borrowed £1000 to pay off 2 existing loans and I had £500 left which I used for this holiday and then I have to pay back £2000 over 2 years which is £32 a week. Are they legalised loan sharks? But I tell you I will never make arrangements to travel anywhere again I cant do it it just gets me so stressed and I had 24 hours of AF paroxysmal but a and e did not want to admit me as I am on warfarin and it is apparently not a problem if you are on warfarin it has stopped now. I feel that diazepam makes me more edgy the next day. Sorry for this long post


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Sorry, gordie- I'm not sure which issue you want advice on. The loan? The medication? Travel? The call about the Dyson?
I think the main thing is to see your doctor as a matter of urgency
Have you heard of rescue remedy by Dr Bach flower essences. It helps with anxieties and negative thoughts....there are 38 remedies each one is for certain states of mind. They work for me......

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Really Paranoid At The Moment- Spoke To Duty Cpn Last Night Flashing Headlights And Funny Phone Calls

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