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Help Needed To Acquire Correct Hair Dryer.

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flobadob | 13:42 Sun 15th Nov 2015 | Body & Soul
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I've had the feeling that a certain amount of hints have been dropped that someone wants a Superior Energy hair dryer for Chrimbo. However, I don't think that they make them anymore. Can anyone suggest a good alternative pleeeease??


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The only Superior Energy model that there seem to be any references to on Google had a 2000W motor, 2 heat settings and a 'salon length' cord. So that might give you few starting points as to what you're looking for.

Other than that though, I can only suggest reading the product descriptions and (importantly) the reviews on websites such as Amazon and Argos.

These links might help as well:
(That second link is only a fortnight old, so everything listed there should be easy to find in shops or online).
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Thanks for those links, time to do some studying

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Help Needed To Acquire Correct Hair Dryer.

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