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Blood Pressure And Pulse Rate

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LaughingGravy | 01:56 Tue 28th Mar 2017 | Body & Soul
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Today, with a home tester, I came out (4 or 5 times) as around 186/129 with a pulse rate of 108
Could anybody decipher this please ? TIA


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Tell your better half to go away.
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Your blood pressure is VERY high. (The lower, diastolic, figure is quite literally 'off the chart' on the NHS website):
That places you at considerable risk of a stroke or heart attack.

Your pulse rate is also rather high (as around 80 bpm is a typical 'at rest' figure).

See your GP (which will almost certainly result in you being prescribed statins for the rest of your life) and follow the advice here:
Or alternatively check the home tester on someone else ?
^^^ A valid point, O_G, but those devices aren't usually wildly out. (i.e. even if there's a 10% error, LG's blood pressure is still worryingly high). It's definitely worth LG getting himself checked out with his GP.

BTW, LG, medical professionals don't generally regard a high pulse rate as a particular problem (unless it's alarmingly high). A far better measure of 'fitness' is the time it takes after exercise for one's pulse rate to fall back to its 'at rest' level (irrespective of what that level actually is). With super-fit people it will happen almost immediately; with those who're particularly unfit it may take several minutes.
Regarding the pulse rate....of greater importance is if the pulse is regular OR irregular. An irregular pulse rate of 108 /min is highly suspicious and particularly if it is irregularly irregular.
Buenchico is correct.........see you GP.
Hi Chris

I have a Betterlife home Blood pressure and heart/pulse rate machine at home, and since my Duodenal ulcer bleed and treatment, in January, have used it daily to keep tabs on my BP and pulse rate...inform my GP surgery when follow up appt due and health check ..these machines are RARELY never that wildly out and LaughingGravity's figures are exceptionally high.
He/she needs to go asap to their GP and get checked there and if high, as you said, will be put on statins for life. Risk of a bad stroke or heart attack imminent if nothing done, so crucial to get it sorted.

I usually jog and swim really early in the morning, before I go to work.....My BP, at rest, as soon as waking up, is approx averaging 118/78 with my heart rate in the 60's.

Hi Sqad......Hope you're well :-)
Yeah! fine Yogi.......just fine.
Good stuff, Sqad....Must be all that superb Menorca sun and warmth...So good-for-nothing you, in moderation.... I'm not a winter person at all, and like the warm weather a lot, and always look forward to my work trips abroad as a result.

I'll be in Menorca later in the year, which I'm really looking forward too.

Always a pleasure conversing with you, Sqad :-)

So good for you........

Autocorrecter drives me up the wall!
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Blood Pressure And Pulse Rate

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