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Is This Implantation Bleeding?

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zoefesta9 | 04:12 Tue 28th Mar 2017 | Body & Soul
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so 3 nights ago i went to go pee & noticed a very light browinsh/pink discharge in my underwear & it was there when i wiped. it was still there the next morning and into the next day but then went away. today i had an excessive amount of fairly thick white discharge. now there is very little blood.. please help!! me & my boyfriend also have unprotected sex almost everyday & did 6-12 days ago, where it said implantation bleeding would occur. i've also had random cramps & been very tired & dizzy & randomly feel like i'm running a fever..


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This is the first time that you have mentioned a fever, which introduces a more sinister aspect of your posts. This could indicate pelvic infection, or even am ectopic prgnancy.
See your doctor.
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I've had slight bleeding between periods and I wasn't pregnant. It just sometimes happens.

I've had lots of bleeding and I was pregnant.

There is no answer to this question regarding pregnancy.

As for cramps, being tired, dizzy and running a fever....maybe you're just ill.

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Is This Implantation Bleeding?

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