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crack cocaine

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dozie | 20:23 Mon 07th Nov 2005 | Body & Soul
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what are the long term effects of taking this drug. I know its a class A drug but is it up there with the "baddies of all drugs" or is there any far worse


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Crack is a disgusting drug. Like any class A, its users find their addiction becoming the center of their life, above food, shelter etc. Their addiction fuels robberies burglaries, prostitution. Physically, the users look spaced out, thin, scraggy, can't sleep etc. Their crime to feed theri addiction makes the likes of normal people a misery.

Anyone caught in possession of a sufficient amount to supply, will find themselves looking at a hefty prison sentence and rightly so.

I think as baddies go, this is up there with heroin. Crack is meant to be instantly addictive, whilst heroin at least has the relative merit of needing the user to be using for a bit before full blown addiction sets in.

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crack cocaine

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