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Hiatus Hernia

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DarceyK123 | 11:33 Sun 04th Oct 2020 | Body & Soul
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My elderly Mother has a hiatus hernia, the other day when helping her dress i noticed she has a bulge in the belly button area.

I didnt say anything to her as i didnt want to worry her but was thinking maybe this is normal with this type of hernia.

Any thoughts appreciated.


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I have one and sometimes it does tend to bulge but then settles down.
Question Author
Ok, thanks Danny, so nothing to worry about then?
No big deal.
It is what is known as an Umbilical Hernia and absolutely nothing to do with her Hiatus Hernia.
Sqad, I have a Hiatus hernia and sometimes it does show a bit.
Question Author
Ok thanks sqad, i just worry because i know her Mum died from a hernia, strangulated, i think.
Danny.?.....I have never known a Hiatus Hernia to 'show."
I have a hiatus hernia and I have also had an umbilical hernia, and I can confirm they are not connected.

Umbilical hernia surgery is pretty straight forward, but her doctor will advise if she is suitable for the surgery.
Sqad, It's just that sometimes my stomach feels bloated.
Question Author
I doubt she would be suitable for any surgery as she's 83 with COPD.
hiatus hernia is no where near the belly button
bednobs....yours or mine?
I wouldn't object to my hiatus hernia being next to your belly button.?....??......
bednobs - // hiatus hernia is no where near the belly button //

Darcey didn't suggest it was - merely enquiring if there may be a link, and being advised that there is not a link.
Bednobs can answer for herself but I assumed she aimed that at Danny
Bednobs I think, you are wrong.This from the NHS
//A hiatus hernia is when part of your stomach moves up into your chest.//
Danny......bednobs is correct and your quote is correct, just different hymn sheets.
Yes Danny and that's where you get the feeling of fullness, the belly button is much lower down.
The Doc's being naughty again.

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Hiatus Hernia

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