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HFJL2020 | 17:39 Tue 29th Dec 2020 | Body & Soul
9 Answers
still trying to find the lochness monster
for years = it must be 150 years old now


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It could be much older and maybe she's not alone in there Henry.
It must be dead!!!
Nessie was a hallucination and a side effect of coronavirus. Sqad will be along to explain it all just now.
This again!

In order for a species to survive, there needs to be a minimum viable population:

Anything below that and the species will die out, mainly due to in-breeding which will render the individuals infertile.

It is just about feasible, I suppose, that a colony of creatures lives in the North Sea and occasionally a lone individual finds its way into Loch Ness via the Caledonia Canal, though how they traverse the lock system without being seen is anyone's guess.
If it existed it would have to be part of a community. The one you're looking for would be a descendant of the one first reported. So how many "monsters" can hang out in Loch Ness undetected ?
Theres one type of whale that can live for a few hundred years and some sea creatures (coral) up to 500 years so maybe Nessy as a similar life span and is still alive but just gets less & less active as age takes its toll
Well I bag the first Nessie burger.
its a big money spinner.

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