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Private District Nurse

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allenlondon | 09:36 Wed 30th Dec 2020 | Body & Soul
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Is there such a thing as a private District Nurse service?

I ask as Mrs A has returned home from hospital with a foot ulcer, which I know to my cost (one leg) can prove disastrous if not properly treated.

The District Nurses we have range from the excellent to the shoddy.

So on the basis that we pay for chiropody, physio, etc., is there a paid-for Nursing service (obviously of the highest quality)?



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Yes, to answer your question there is such a thing.

I suggest searching online for Private Nurse and you will find services such as this one. Check they have the Care Quality Commission mark.
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Thanks. Both of those look promising.
Ask for a nurse with tissue viability specialist qualifications.
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Yes indeed rowan. We've had excellent service from our local Tissue Viability Clinic, so it would be handy to have one we could call upon (and pay) when it suited us.

You shouldn't have to pay for everything allen, they use the same labs for analysis but entirely up to you.
Wound Care Solutions (a.k.a. WoundDoc) are London-based and offer initial home consultations plus follow-up visits:

Meet the team:
When Kate came home with her ulcerated leg a few months back we stuck with the NHS D/Nurses, no problems at all.
When my father was dieing my mum went down the route of private overnight nurse 1st one was terrible, then employed a McMillan nurse who was brilliant.
yeah make sure the NHS service is not good ( that is by trying it) before spending money

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Private District Nurse

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