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HFJL2020 | 12:19 Wed 30th Dec 2020 | Body & Soul
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mypal has had a stroke he is in a wheel chair he said he got it free the nhs
he said he is getting an electric one later
is he telling me a porkie



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You sound astounded.. and no, he isn't telling porkies. I can assure you if your disability requires it and your property is suitable, then you may well be issued with a powered chair.
Honest.. It's true!
Question Author
not astounded just nosey
Trust your friends....!
I really can't imagine why you are surprised that people who are in need of a wheelchair are provided with one on the NHS.
Depends where you live, HFJL, on whether they'll rush round with brochures, or your pal will be tapping his fingers for a LONG time.

Here in Brent, in took me a year (and a lot of nagging) to get an ordinary wheelchair out of the council - had all the qualifications (in terms of disability) - but they're short of dosh, and not giving it away without a fight.

(I only use it for getting ferried from car to clinics, which isn't very often, less so these days!)

allen, its a need thing. People who can self propel and can't walk at all will get chairs ahead of people who only need them car to clinic and need an attendant. I am quite surprised you got one, you wouldn't have done in hampshire.
Just out of interest, how otherwise would I have got / get/ from car to clinic?

Is it nice in Hampshire?
If you 'needed' the chair Allen.. why would you wait a whole year for the Council, when you can just buy one at the drop of a hat ?
allen you would be expected to borrow one from the red cross or use one of the ones available at the clinic.
Al: pre-Covid, we hired them.

Then we bought one for £250. Useless. The types we hired (i.e. good for my size) are about a grand, new.

Woof. Come off it.
off what?
If you are in work or seeking employment as a disabled person you can get a grant for a mobility scooter or a powered chair if you need it to continue working
The way you describe getting hold of wheelchairs from charities or clinics sounds fanciful to someone who has tried all that for a couple of years.

Perhaps it’s easier in Hampshire.
was nosing around a MND site because the prog about the RL player was so utterly crap
and found this

scroll down and under powered wheelies

Some NHS wheelchair services provide powered Tilt in Space wheelchairs, but all will require an assessment, and some may have set criteria you need to meet into to qualify for a powered chair.

so in answer
yeah but they may come around and assess
Woofgang is right. The Red Cross do loan wheelchairs - and when she says wheelchairs are available for use at clinics I take it she means they are available to use whilst the patient is attending appointments, which in my experience is correct.
HFJL2020: Why does he need an electric wheelchair? is he unable to operate a manual one?
Khandro.. His mate has had a stroke. As a rule this may well render the muscles in one side if the body impaired.
Imagine.. You are sat in a wheelchair and you can only use one hand. The very best you can hope for is to go round in a circle. You will have no control over your movement.
Would my local OT help me with funding for the repair of my mobility scooter?
I can't go out without it, and I'm stuck for the repair bill £283.

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