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Third Covid Strain.

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Theland | 10:10 Thu 14th Jan 2021 | Body & Soul
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New strain from South America.
So worrying now.
What else can be done do you think, to combat it?
I think the armoury must be empty now :-(


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The Brazilian one you mean presumably.
You can only keep doing what is currently being done
stopping travel from south america to the uk now instead of monday might be an idea . . .

There must be hundreds of Covid variants...hundreds...some are no big deal others potentially dangerous and the scientists should continue sotring the wheat from the chaff.
What can be done? What we are already doing, but badly:
Stay at home.
Take the vaccine on offer.
Obey Government guidelines.
The Brazilian variant has been deemed almost harmless due to all the wee nodules being waxed off.

It also has a strange characteristic of getting less attractive the more you look at it.

I am not a scientist.
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Yes, Brazil.
It gets more bizarre by the week.
When I get home I'll be locking myself away methinks!
nothing bizarre about Brazil, it's a big country, lots of people, and a Trump-like leader who thinks it's all a joke, so lots of Brazilians will have Covid. As with the British strain - the more people who are infected, the more chances for the virus to mutate. We're unlikely to see a Taiwanese or Australian strain.
last time i saw an australian strain it wasn't a pretty sight . .

Jeff Thomson at 100mph, was it? I certainly wouldn't have got in the way.
I thought it was a South African variant...?
pasta...........did you?
Errr...yes. Have I missed something?

Never mind. Just googled again and found info on the Brazilian strain. Previously I just searched based on the S.A. one.
3rd strain? More like 300th.

It is a virus and viruses mutate constantly, daily. Covid-19 is just over a year old so there are hundreds of different strains.
Evidence shows that the current vaccines work on the new strains.
Shutting the borders might be a good idea....

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Third Covid Strain.

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