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HFJL2020 | 23:01 Wed 13th Jan 2021 | Body & Soul
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had a call to day from my health centre offering me the virus jab i refused some of my pals have refused it saying its not safe enough


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oh good! that moves me up the queue :)
Your choice Henry, sorry you feel that way.
how safe do you want it to be before you'd have one?

I'll take one whenit's offered.
The vaccine is safe
I think I should state that on crazy thread - that the more it is given without accident mishap
the safer it is ....

contender for a Darwin award
OK but will you refuse treatment should you contract Covid?
Actually I am not sure what the OP was expecting to be said....
Selfish. Hope you stay home alone fora very long time
//// it's not safe enough ////

.... so you're a qualified professional then eh??
If not, would you care to substantiate your claims??
people should not be ridiculed for making the choice that suits them. And as woofy says, it means we all get offered ours quicker
I'm not ridiculing him, I'm furiouzy
Henry's not a young man, as I recall; he's entitled to make his own calls. All I can say is I disagree.
// I recall; he's entitled to make his own calls.//

Exactly. Compulsory vaccination is unlawful in the UK and if it ever became lawful I've absolutely no idea how it would be enforced. There have been enough erosions of liberties over the past ten months without any more. As said, all those who do not want the vaccine means that those who do will get their quicker.
I am furious because people prefer to take advice from their friends than the experts and those people are prepared to spread the virus and put other people's lives at risk. If you refuse the virus, your choice but stay home alone.
I am surprised,given the rise in cases and sadly deaths,that anyone thinks it better to reject the vaccination in favour of running the risk of infection.Of course as said before everyone is entitled to their opinion.
I'm interested to know what will need to happen to make the jab safe enough for you to have it HFJL?
I'm not sure there will ever be that choice. I presume once you have been offered it in this round you won't get offered again this time. Of course it'll be like painting the forth bridge - by the time everyone's done it'll be time to start at the beginning again :)
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they maybe side effects later
Henry, they have been testing these jabs for months now and so far no untoward side effects have come to the fore.

Why did you post here tonight?

Would you like us to persuade you or not?

Your friends may mean well or they may simply be poorly informed.
Trouble is I suppose in order to suffer side effects later on you actually have to be alive then

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