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patrickstar | 21:45 Thu 28th Jan 2021 | Body & Soul
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I am getting fed up of wet shaving but like the smoothness it gives. I also have to fly a lot, even now with Covid, and means I could leave my razor and gel behind which is always a pain at airport security points.
Are there any electric shavers Answerbankers use that gives their faces a smooth face as a wet shave gives and they would recommend? Price isn't a problem.


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Philips are brilliant,even the £10 one.
Well there’s a site called manscaped. I know they do down there razors but they may also do face razors so I would check that out
I have a top of the range Braun, OK but if you want a really close shave then forget electric shavers.
I've always used Philips razors and decided to treat myself to their "ultimate"'s pricey but brilliant. I got it direct from Philips shop...there was a problem with delivery, they refunded me immediately and sent the razor as well! When I told them, they phoned me back and said I could keep it for being so honest!
It's the Prestige model...
...and there's a 90-day money-back guarantee currently, if it's not to your liking.
You'll need to choose between a foil shaver and a rotary one. Foil shavers are said to give the closest shaves on one's cheeks but rotary one's are better around awkward contours. See here for more information on the differences between the two types:

Once you've made that choice, see this (reputable) website for some advice on the best models:

I usually wet shave but I've got a Philips battery shaver for travelling, which serves my needs well enough: User Recommendation
You definitely seem to be in need of a shave, Patrickstar ;-)
I tend to press on quite hard and found that I could break a foil inside a few weeks; they're not cheap and it's also very inconvenient when they crack. I changed to rotary (Philips) and the heads last years.
Question Author
Thanks all. I was looking at the Philips 9000 Prestige so good to see a recommendation, more so if it has a 90 day guarantee, just wish I could get mine for free also!
I don’t use any Gell or foam, just a Gillette Mach 3 and water. I don’t get the bit about leaving a razor behind, an electric razor weighs far more than a simple wet shaver.
I'm amused by the pricing for that shaver on Philip's own website (as per Gingejbee's link). The crossed out 'suggested retail price' is £329.99 but, by buying direct from Philips, you can get it at the 'bargain' price of £330.00 ;-)

However Philips also have their own Amazon Store site, where they sell the same shaver for £284.53:
I have tried a number of electric razors over the years, but there really is no substitute for hot water and cold steel, preferably applied by someone else.

I had a shave by a lady barber years ago, there is something really different about being shaved by a woman.
Depends what, and where on you’re body they are shaving, Andy. Gulp.
I’m quite often in Turkey and going for a shave there is an amazing experience. £7 and you feel like you’ve had £300 worth of spa treatment.
Question Author
Zacs-master, I am on an aircraft (not commercial) for quite a number of hours and shaving when travelling and downroute would be easier with an electric razor. It's not about size or weight, it's about travelling with gels (can't be bigger than 100ml) etc. Cost is not a problem. Wet shave will always be best but for time, effort and practicality I would like to use a good quality electric shaver that gives a close shave
philishave, I changed years ago, saved a fortune, not as close as a blade but not really an issue.

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