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smurfchops | 16:50 Thu 28th Jan 2021 | Body & Soul
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If we don’t get the second jab for 12 weeks, how much protection will we have after 12 weeks?


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and in the study group - no one vaccinated made it to ITU or died.

the second jab has less than a 52% effect and that is behind the govt decision to do twice as many one-jabs. which I agree with

BUT - - - or AND - there is an awful lot of Beeb disinfo particularly this week for some reason
The lovely bits of fluff fronting the programs dont understand it so it is hopeless when they try to explain it to us punters

This morning 0800 - hopeless confusion between long covid infections and carrier status.
Someone said she had gone marathon running. and didnt feel very good afterwards
Another ( Garner ) said that he was an expert epidemiologist ready to blaaart about aught
and then "I felt so ill I thought I had better go and see a doctor!"
and then hey he went back to being an expert on everything again!
Smurfy, I have no idea and i dont think anyone else
has either,although PP seems to have his fingers on the distant pulse.
Just hope that you get your booster at 12 weeks.
Sqad - that is thro your declared reluctance to read the data
yes it is on the internet

page 12 ( scroll down!)
the flat red thin line shows no one gets it after day 7
it really is that good

the side of the pyramid shows those unvaccinated get it alot
PP....true..very true.
I had mine today and I was talking to one of the volunteers and he said we would be 25% to 50% protected and if we did get covid, we wouldn't get it too severely and should be ok. It goes up to 80% to 90% after the second one. I have no idea by the way how accurate that is! The lovely lady who gave me the injection said I may not have to wait 12 weeks, it may be sooner, so I'll just have to wait and see.
look at p 12 Sqad m'boy
it really will make your rheumy eyes start out of their sockets
Question Author
So is there much difference between getting the second jab at 3 weeks or 12 weeks??
No one knows because it hasn’t been tested.

A delay may have detrimental effects. Or it might just not matter or even have a positive effect.
The Government are taking a gamble and it will be many months/years before we know if that gamble has paid off.
A gamble worth taking I reckon.

It seems likely it will become an annual jab, like flu inoculations.
We will therefore catch up, if not fully protected this year.
I suspect there will be an annual jab, but not the 2-part Pfzer one. It will be O/AZ one, cheaper, easier to dispense and locally made.
Just imagine if we have to have the vaccination ever year ! The amount of work involved with millions of people will be enormous.
Robert Peston on News at Ten tonight said that it had been suggested that owing to Pfizer supply problems, those who have had a first Pfizer jab might get the AstraZeneca as their second. Never heard that before, but presumably he got that from a reliable source - very worrying, if true.
Question Author
So what happens if we get Pfizer the first time and Astra Zeneca for the second jab? Will it be a complete waste of time and vaccinations?
Smurfy......providing all the statistics knocking about on AB are correct, undesirable as it might be, one should get the same degree of protection from the different vaccines.
Ask yourself this question. Why have Pfizer kept quiet, said nothing at all, about the UK stretching the vaccine out to 12 weeks? Not a beep out of them. That tells me that what we are doing is wrong.
// Why have Pfizer kept quiet...Not a beep out of them. That tells me that what we are doing is wrong. //

Pfizer wants their vaccine to work and nations to keep buying it. If the UK is/was wasting its doses then it is in Pfizer’s interest to say so.

Every vaccine is being monitored, everyone who has a vaccine will be monitored, and the conclusions collated. We will probably find that some vaccine is more effective than we had hoped, and that some is a bit less effective.

Iff the 60 million Pfizer vaccine isn’t working, we will soon know about it.
May be Pfizer already know that there being wasted? and they will sell more when we will have to re-vaccinate. :0)

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