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Groin Strain.

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saintpeter48 | 10:46 Thu 22nd Jul 2021 | Body & Soul
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Whilst exercising about a month ago I tweaked my groin, it is so uncomfortable. I have googled treatments etc and mainly it says to just rest it, but that is difficult to do, after all, I have to go to shops, visit family etc. I am 73 and been quite active all of my life, I still play walking football (not for the last month) and I do like to exercise indoors and go walking, my groin just doesn't seem to be showing any signs of healing, I have never had this problem before, is there anything else I should be doing to try and shake this problem off?
Thanks for any help.


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Do any of these exercises look as if they might
(a) be possible for you ; and
(b) actually help?
I shall for the purposes of this thread, assume that you have "tweaked " your groin and that you haven't got a hernia (rupture).

I am afraid that you will need to cease all your physical interests for at least 4 to 6 weeks, relying on Ibuprofen 400mgms three times a day with food and then, gradually over the next few weeks ease yourself into "nornal" life.

I would guess that will take weeks to settle and your exemplary lifestyle of fitness, may well be curtailed somewhat.
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Thanks for the advice.
Sqad.... I have 'tweaked' it, it is not really painful just uncomfortable. Can I take Ibuprofen 400mgms alongside my daily medication of Aspirin, statins, Ramipril and bisoprolol, after a heart attack in 2007?
Buenchico.... thanks for that, I will try those exercises when it improves a little.
I have just ordered myself a pair of compression shorts after reading up on it.

The link above describes the management of a groin strain of a young or middle aged person within the first 48 HOURS.

This in my opinion is quite different from the situation in which you find yourself. Exercise gently by all means, but don't try anything fancy too soon.......walk before you run -;)

Arguments for and against you taking Ibuprofen, but providing that you take it with your food, I would certainly advice you to take it.
I've tweaked a muscle around that area, inner thigh, groin, so I can sympathise. You don't realise how much you use a muscle until it hurts every time you move! I've tried Ibuprofen gel but that isn't a lot of help, my friend suggested deep heat spray but I'd need to be very careful where I sprayed that! Hope you feel relief soon.
Sorry to bother you but I see you asked this question last year.
I have tweaked my groin and it is taking ages to clear up. Do you mind me asking you if the compression shorts were any good please?
Regards Robin

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Groin Strain.

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