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How Long Does Diazepam Take To Work?

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gordiescotland1 | 10:12 Thu 09th Dec 2021 | Body & Soul
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I'm going to the dentist to get a filling on a front tooth that has fallen out, hopefully do a temporary filling. I'm a very anxious patient and need to take diazepam. Appointment is at 11am how long does it take to work I'm going to take 2 of the 5mg tablets ?


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i would take it now so it's well and truly in the system by 11
Takes about an hour to be effective
I hope you have been ok gordie - I hate dentists too
I hope Gordie has woken up by now. 2 X 5mg would knock me out!
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I had it an hour before and I had a temporary filling put it going back next year to get a crown. I sailed through it i was relaxed but not totally out of it. I am a big chap. It had more affect on me when I got home I slept for 3 hours but so glad I got it done !
10 am.
You arent driving are you?
a bus or crane I mean
Why don't you phone the dentist and ask? Or your doctor.
Blimey does anyone actually read the answers?
nope doesnt look like it

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How Long Does Diazepam Take To Work?

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