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Msd Disease And Neurosis Disability,2 Tumors...

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Viol8t | 13:41 Sun 02nd Jan 2022 | Body & Soul
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I've just started dating a guy and hes struggling with his emotions,I've tried calming him down but he wont,I think it's getting to him since its been 9yrs since he's started dating again,I don't know why he keeps asking me why I want to be with him and when I tell him he doesn't believe me,I don't know what to do,before we started dating he told me about his problems and the tumour and he thinks one has come back which he'll get checked out soon.he was in a special school when he was young,I've not met his daughter yet since its too early in our relationship,he's also puts himself down as he thinks everybody's against him which is not,he's a wonderful and funny guy and I feel confident and happy every time I see him,I also don't know why he also keeps asking do I want a kid with him which I'm defiantly not ready for....when he starts asking these type of questions I know he's feeling down and having doubts,I've got epilepsy and if I stress out too much I'll end up having a seizure.I'm still trying to learn about neurosis and msd, he's in his early 40s,sometimes I even have doubts but I always change my mind,I do wanna be with's just it's annoying when he's like do other people cope with thi? I don't mean to sound rude it's just trying to understand his disability.


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Msd Disease And Neurosis Disability,2 Tumors...

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