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Moringa Tree

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Chipchopper | 17:28 Sat 02nd Apr 2022 | Body & Soul
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What proven medicinal properties does the moringa tree have ?


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22:17 Sat 02nd Apr 2022
Medicinal properties..........can cure disease.......NONE.

It is just a dietary supplement at best.
See here. (Scroll down to 'Conclusions' if you're in a hurry!):
Your link is about animal studies as are all the studies on this topic.

I assumed, probably incorrectly that chipchopper was referring to humans and if that is the case then your link is valid for the thread.

Moringa Tree is not mentioned in the British National Formula as there are no "proven medicinal properties" in humans.

has an impressive list of medicinal properties ( in rats and guinea - pigs of course) as with most vegetable products there is no disease it cures
but hell if you wanna buy and eat it - go ahead !

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Moringa Tree

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